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Menendez Brothers Net Worth (brothers)

Menendez Brothers Net Worth 2020

The Menendez Brothers came to fame in 1980 after they shot their parents in Beverly Hills Mission. The crime was highly publicised by the media. It attracted attention even from other countries who followed keenly the events that were unfolding. This is what many people to be very curious about the net worth of Menendez brothers as one of the motives for killing their parents were considered to take over their wealth. Here is a quick summary of the net worth of Menendez Brothers in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Menendez Brothers Net Worth 2020

The Menendez Brothers are Erik Menendez and Joseph Menendez who were born in 1970 and 1968 respectively. They lived in Beverly Hills before they arrested, charged and sentenced for the killing of their parents. Initially, they were not suspects when it came to the killing of their parents, but after they misused the money that they had acquired after their parents died, they became one. They shot their parents with a shotgun. Their parents were extremely wealthy as they had worked in their respective career to make their money.

Personal Life

Regarding the personal life of the Menendez Brothers, there is nothing much that is going on in their life. Lyle has gotten married twice and the first time was in 1996 to Anna Eriksson, and they later would get divorced in 2001. After two years, he got married again in 2003 to Rebecca Sneed. He remained married to this lady until the time when he got sentenced and imprisoned. Erik Menendez was married to Tammi Saccoman in 1999, and they lived together until when he was imprisoned.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Lyle and Erik Menendez grew up in Calabasas which is situated in California. They worked in their parent’s company, and they were the main guys that were accused of matricide and Patricide. When they were working for their father, they earned very good salaries, but their greed would get better of them which would result in them slaying them with a gunshot. When pressed why they did so, they said that when they were young, their father molested them and it was revenge for them. Immediately their parents were buried, they spent $1 million in their lavish lifestyles.

Net Worth & Earnings

The estimated net worth of Menendez Brothers is over $15 million. The wealth has been generated while they were working for their father and also, what they inherited when their parents died. Their father was a man who had been known to have a decorated career when it came to the film industry as he was the CEO of the Live Entertainment. A good portion of their wealth was used to pay the lawyers that were representing them during the trials.

Their story is what inspired a documentary ‘Truth and Lies: Menendez Brothers’ which told the story of them before and after killing their parents. The documentary got to be aired on ABC as well as an episode of the Snapped 2016.


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