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Mat Franco Net Worth

Mat Franco Net Worth 2020

Mat Franco is a renowned American magician who is mainly known for winning the ninth season of the America’s Got Talent. In addition to this, he was the first magician ever to win this show. Let’s find out more about the net worth of Mat Franco in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Mat Franco Net Worth 2020

Mat Franco was born on 10th May in the year 1988 in Johnston, Rhode Island. Through watching a magic show in television, he got attracted to magic which gave him much interest in this while he was at the age of four years old. Following this, he then requested his parents to purchase him a magic set after which he then commenced performing magic at a very young age while in his kindergarten class.

He got much of the encouragement from his grandmother who was his assistant. Following this, he got many platforms to perform and while he was at the age of 12 years, he went to study at Las Vegas through the use of money which he got from his magical performances where he studied art. He completed his studies from Johnston High School and later went to the University of Rhode Island where he got a bachelors in Business Administration.

Personal Life

He is said to be dating Tianna Scartabello who they have been dating each other for seven years and planning to get engaged.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Mat Franco commenced his professional career at a very young age following the support he received on having his interest. Following this, he was invited by The Society of American Magicians while at the age of 15 years old to perform at Riviera Hotel and Casino.

After his graduation, he went on many tours so as to showcase his talent after which he got much of his breakthrough in the year 2014/2015 in the America’s Got Talent. He impressed many judges such as Howard Stern, Heidi Klum, Mel B and Howie Mandel from his outstanding performance. This was then followed by his win of this show in which he became the first magician to ever win in this show.

After the win in America’s Got Talent, he then launched a show which was known as Mat Franco: Magic Reinvented Nightly which was a great success. In addition to this he was also featured in NBC on a show known as Mat Franco’s Got Magic. From his successful career, Mat Franco has been able to get some awards such as the The Las Vega Weekly Readers’ Choice Awards among other awards.

Net Worth & Earnings

Mat Franco has an estimated net worth of $4 Million. This is from the fortunes he has made from his successful career through which his biggest earning came from the price he won from the America’s Got Talent which was worth $1 million. In addition to this, he also has gotten much earnings from several tours he has had among appearing on television shows.

From his passion, Mat Franco remained dedicated to being a magician in which he at one point surprised many through being the first magician to win the competition of ‘America’s Got Talent’. This came through his hard work, determination and patience with himself.


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