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Magnus Walker Net Worth

Magnus Walker Net Worth 2020

Magnus Walker is a fashion designer and a Porsche collector. The designs he comes with have been worn by some of the biggest public figures such as Bruce Willis and also Madonna among many others. He is from England, but once his career took off, he migrated to the United States. His quiet unique sense of fashion and his unwillingness to follow the laid guidelines on fashion has to lead him to get a nickname ‘Urban Outlaw.’ Keep on reading to learn more on the net worth and Earnings of Magnus Walker in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Magnus Walker Net Worth 2020

Magnus was born in the year 1967 on July 7th in Sheffield, England. He grew up in his birth town and when he was hitting ten years that was when had his first encounter with the Porsche 911 for his first time during a trip to Earl’s Court Motor show with his dad. He was so impressed with the model that he wrote a letter to the company asking for a job. Porsche went and replied to his letter and requested him to finish his education before he formally applied for the job.

Personal Life

Magnus was formerly married to his wife of twenty-one years, who later passed away in the year 2015. Together with her, they designed and managed the Serious Clothing and always thought about buying a property that would, later on, turn into a film venture. He is currently involved romantically with Hannah Elliott who is working as a Bloomberg cars editor.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Magnus created a tiny shop that was located at the Venice Beach. What he used to do is buy cheap fabric material from the second-hand stores and later on customize them in his unique style. Later on, he would sell them at a profit, and this received a very good response. His brand, ‘Serious Clothing’ became a brand that was valued at millions of money. With his business growing, he went on and expanded his business, and he was able to acquire his first dream car, Porsche 911. To ensure the stability of his business, he went on and purchased a factory in District of the Los Angeles that turned out to be very profitable. His factory has been a shooting location for various adverts, films, and music.

Net Worth & Earnings

The exact net worth of Magnus Walker is a contentious issue. The wealth has been generated from his career as a fashion designer and an entrepreneur. It has been estimated that he has a collection of over 25 Porsches that is valued at over $7.5 million. He has also designed for some of the biggest celebrities in the world including Madonna and Bruce Willis.

Apart from being an innovative designer, he is a Porsche enthusiast; he has been leading quite a unique life. He has come up with unique designs and has enjoyed massive sales. He has been able to transform cars making them look unique. For him, being ordinary is not enough, you need to stand out.