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Larry Birkhead Net Worth

Larry Birkhead Net Worth 2020

Larry Birkhead is one of the well-known celebrity photographers of the entertainment industry. He has risen to fame as he was the love interest of Anna Nicole Smith, the late American Playboy model. Though he is a multi-millionaire, he lives a simple lifestyle. Most of his earnings come from his photography profession and his house flipping business. Let us have a close look into the net worth of Larry Birkhead in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Larry Birkhead Net Worth 2020

Larry was born on 22nd January 1973 in the USA. There have been a number of controversies regarding Larry actually being in love with Anna Nicole or not. Many thought that he had dated her to make his position in the entertainment industry. He had first spoken about his relationship with Anna in the Wendy Williams show.

Personal Life

Larry and Anna met for the first time in Anna’s talk show, and they instantly started dating each other. Anna had always wanted to keep this relationship a secret one. According to Larry his relationship with Anna was a complicated one, and he was the one to leave every time. Once when he was leaving, Anna had held his hand and told him that they were going to have their first baby!

After the news of their first baby, Larry stayed with her for a while. But after some time, it was Anna who left him, and she spread her pregnancy news through the medium of social media. During that period, her lawyer friend, Howard K. Stern was considered her baby’s father. In the year 2006, September, Dannielynn was born, but Anna was frustrated with her elder son death due to an overdose of drugs. During those hard times, it was Larry who was beside Anna. After five months Anna too passed away due to a drugs overdose. Larry, then, started his battle for the custody of his daughter Dannielynn. DNA tests proved that he was the biological father and he got the custody.

Career, Awards, & Nominations

He is one of the successful fashion photographers in the entertainment industry. Additionally, he also makes money from his business of flipping houses. He has already tried his hands in acting projects and has appeared in shows like ‘Celebrity Wife Swap’.

Net Worth & Earning

Larry was alleged of acquiring wealth from his dead love interest, Anna Nicole, after he got the custody of Dannielynn. But he rejected such rumors. He makes money mainly through his fashion photography and by his flipping house business. The house where he and his daughter live is a magnificent one. His net worth at the moment is a total of $11.5 million.

Presently, Larry Birkhead is living a simple life with his daughter and intends to give a good childhood to her. He has accepted in his recent interviews that he is not dating anybody and he is single. He wants to create a positive image of her mother in front of Dannielynn. He wants to protect her from any kind of negative influence of the world.