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King Salman Net Worth

King Salman Net Worth 2020

King Salman Bin Abdul-Aziz is the reigning king of Saudi Arabia and also serves as the Prime minister of this country. Also, he is the Custodian of Two Holy Mosques, and at one time he served as the Deputy Governor of Riyadh. Later on, he rose to the position of Governor of Riyadh. In this position, he served for forty-eight years. Here is a quick summary of net worth, career and earnings of King Salman in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

King Salman Net Worth 2020

King Salman was born on 31st December 1935 and is reported to be the son of Ibn Saud, who was the first monarch and also the founder of Saudi Arabia. Salman together with his six brothers forms Sudairi Seven. He grew up in Murabba Palace. Salman schooled at Princes’ School which is located in the capital city of Riyadh is charged with providing education for his children. He studied religion and also the modern science.

Personal Life

Salman has married for three times. In 2017, he had a total of thirteen children and his first wife was Sultana Bint Al Sudairi who died in 1971 at the age of 71 years old. His eldest son, Fahd bin Salman died of heart failure in 2001. His third son, Ahmad bin Salman died of heart attack in 2002. Sultan Bin Salman became the first royal blood to fly to outer space using a space shuttle in 1985. Sultan has also served as the chair of Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities.

Career, Awards & Nominations

His career in politics began when after his appointment as Governor of the Riyadh Province in 1954. Later on, he got he was appointed as governor of Riyadh and played a major role in the development of Riyadh. In 2011, he served as the deputy prime minister and was also in charge of the Ministry of Defense. In 2012, he was appointed Crown Prince of the Nayef bin Abdul Aziz.

The year 2015, it was when he rose to the position of King after the death of his half-brother at the age of ninety. His leadership has been criticized for being the main financier of Al Qaeda, and when he took the reins of power, he openly backed Army of Conquest, a group that has been linked with Al-Qaida.

Net Worth & Earnings

The net worth of King Salman is over $20 billion. The fortune has been created from several sources including his various posts in the government. He started serving from deputy governor to become the king eventually. Also, he has various interests in various oil fields company. He has shares totaling to $1.4 trillion.

As a king, he has been involved in various controversial news. Among the various controversy includes financing a terrorist group Al-Qaeda. Many of the times, he has come to deny those claims claiming that they are baseless. His country has been accused of abusing the human rights of other people.