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Khan Academy Net Worth (Academy)

Khan Academy Net Worth 2020

Khan Academy is a non-profitable educational organization created by Salman Khan, who is an educator. It creates online tools aimed at helping students, then produces it in the form of YouTube videos. Now let’s have a close look on the net worth of Khan Academy in 2020.


Khan Academy Net Worth 2020

The organization began in 2008. The founder, Salman Khan started by tutoring his cousin on the internet. After sometimes, his other cousin got interested and started receiving tutorials as well. There was growing demand for the service, and this prompted Khan to publish his content and made them watchable on YouTube.

The process became very demanding, and Khan had to quit his job to focus on the tutorials in 2009. The tutorials were made available under the ‘Khan Academy’ name. In 2014, he founded ‘Khan Lab School’ in Mountain View California. The academy also launched a Financial Literacy Video Series in June 2017. The materials provide a platform for young professions, college graduates as well as job seekers.

Awards & Achievements

The organization has a website that provides personalized learning. Built on the YouTube videos. It includes features like teaching tools, progress tracking, and practice exercises. These features make it act as a supplement to the videos on YouTube.

A recording of drawings is displayed on the electronic blackboard. Each drawing is described by the narrator and its relation to what is being taught. The website also plays host to the contents from different educational channels on YouTube as well as organizations like ‘Museum of Modern Art,’ and ‘Crash Course.’

Videos of their content are also available in offline versions, and they have benefited many people from the rural areas of Latin America, Asia, and Africa. The content of the videos ranges from kindergarten to high school materials.

The videos are available in different languages. Over 20,000 subtitle translations are available, but they have fully been translated in the following languages; French, Portuguese, Spanish, English, Bangla, and Turkish. The academy has over the years received huge donations from various institutions. Most gifts are made to help in the creating of new courses or translating to different languages.

Following the success of the Khan Academy, it has gained much recognition nationally as well as internationally. The founder was won the Heinz Award in 2014 in the category of ‘Human Condition. Also, he was listed among the ‘100 Most Influential People’ in 2012.

Net Worth & Earnings

Although the academy is a non-profitable organization, its founder and executive director have a net worth of $2.5 Million. The Academy receives donations from the likes of Bill and Melinda Gates, Carlos Slim, Ann Doerr among others. All these donations have helped keep the academy running.

The Khan Academy started by offering tutorial services to just one person. Today, the academy’s website has over 6 million viewers on a monthly base. Many people from all corners of the world have greatly benefited from the services offered by the academy. The sky is the limit for the Khan Academy.


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