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Katherine Jackson Net Worth

Katherine Jackson Net Worth 2020

Katherine Jackson is the most celebrated woman in the showbiz world as she is remarkably known as the mother of the famous pop singer ‘Michael Jackson’. Thus, Katherine Jackson is known to be the matriarch of the Jackson family. This has eventually fetched her great popularity and recognition for her dynamic role in the Jackson family. Katherine Jackson has always encouraged her children for music and made them achieve their dream career successfully. Henceforth, Katherine Jackson played a role model in her son’s life spectacularly. Let us check out the net worth of Katherine Jackson in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Katherine Jackson Net Worth 2020

On 4 May 1930, Katherine Jackson was born in Alabama in the United States, and thus she was born with American nationality. Originally, Katherine Jackson was born with the birth name as ‘Kattie B. Screws’. Katherine Jackson was born to father ‘Prince Albert’ and mother ‘Martha Screws’. Katherine has grown up along with her other siblings. Katherine was later renamed by the name of ‘Katherine Esther’ by her father.

At a very young age, Katherine developed a keen interest in becoming a popular actress or a country singer, but unfortunately, she could not live up to her dream as she was born black and there was no place for the black star in that era. Katherine Jackson did her schooling from the ‘Washington High School’. Katherine being a kid, her parents ended up in a divorce.

Personal Life

In the year 1947, Katherine Jackson started dating ‘Joseph Jackson’ who was a boxer by profession. Later in the year 1949, the couple got married to each other. The couple together had ten children, and one of them was her famous pop singer ‘Michael Jackson’.

Career, Awards & Nominations

In the year 1960, Katherine Jackson started working in local Sears where she served as a store clerk.

After some time, Katherine turned into a Baptist and became a ‘Jehovah’s Witness’. In this way, Katherine’s all children followed the path to faith along with their mother.

Later Katherine quit all her job and remained as a housewife serving her home, her husband, and her dear children close by her heart.

In the long run, Katherine becomes a pillar of support for all her children who showed a keen interest in music.

In addition to this, Katherine was a great musician as she was an expert pianist and also a voracious singer.

Apart from a mother, Katherine has also released her own independent autobiography ‘My Family, The Jacksons’.

There is no information released about Katherine Jackson’s awards and nominations so far.

Net Worth & Earnings

Katherine Jackson has shown much patience and effort over the past years to keep her family healthy, wealthy, and wise. In a way, she has given up all her hopes and dreams for the sake of her family and children. But in a way, she was successful enough to secure a large sum of money to support her financial issues in the long run. The total estimated net worth of Katherine Jackson is about $120 million approximately.

It seems Katherine Jackson contributes as an amazing woman and a mother who has given up on everything to secure her family and children from all the troubles surrounding them. Katherine is thus a courageous woman who has always lived up to her family and children’s expectations largely.


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