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Joe Jackson Net Worth

Joe Jackson Net Worth 2020

Joe Jackson was one of the most celebrated men as he was the father of the popular music singer ‘Michael Jackson’. Joe Jackson was most famously known as the ‘talent manager’ who used to guide the professional career of the artists in the entertainment industry. Joe Jackson was actively involved in various music groups and promotes the musical talent and skill of various upcoming artists around the world.

Joe Jackson also took many responsibilities in taking care of the music release of his talented son ‘Michael Jackson’. Let us check out the net worth of Joe Jackson in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Joe Jackson Net Worth 2020

Joe Jackson was born on 26 July 1928 in Arkansas in the United States, and thus he was born with American nationality. Originally, Joe Jackson was born with the birth name as ‘Joseph Walter Jackson’. Joe Jackson was born to father ‘Samuel Jackson’ who was a professor by profession and mother ‘Crystal Lee King’. Jackson has grown up along with his four other siblings.

Joe Jackson belongs to a mixed ethnicity as he was half African and half American. Joe Jackson could not complete his high school as at the age of only 18 he got a job at the ‘Inland Steel Company’. Sometimes later, Jackson showed some interest towards boxing and thus enrolled himself at the ‘Golden Gloves Program’.

Personal Life

In the year 1949, Joe Jackson got hitched to ‘Katherine Scruse’. The couple together had 11 children including the popular and the legendary singer ‘Michael Jackson’.

At the age of 89, Joe Jackson died of pancreatic cancer in the year 2018.

Career, Awards & Achievements

In the early 60s, Joe Jackson started off his professional career along with his sons by being an active member of various musical groups. Joe used to conduct the musical rehearsal for his sons to make them a perfect singer with much practice and training session.

Joe Jackson solely launched the first musical group for his sons and named it as ‘The Jackson Brothers’. Sometime later, Joe reframed the group name by ‘Jackson 5’.

Next, Joe Jackson tied up his musical group in collaboration with ‘Gordon Keith’ and soon the whole group rose to fame and fetched enormous success globally.

Furthermore, Joe has launched his independent record label as ‘Ivory Tower International Records’.

Joe Jackson has been bestowed by the ‘Grammy Award’ for the category of ‘Best Contemporary Instrumental Album’.

Net Worth & Earnings

Joe Jackson thus holds a superior position in the entertainment industry where people considered him as the God-man of the newbie musical artists. Though his income profile is not much higher like his son ‘Michael Jackson’ yet he has the skill of power and experience to launch the newbie singer’s single-handed. The total estimated net worth of Joe Jackson is about $1 million approximately.

Joe Jackson has high potential and utmost determination for being the supreme entity in his son’s life by uplifting his musical career to the soaring height of success and glory. Jackson has many professional contacts in the entertainment industry where he has given international breaks to various new artists and singers globally.


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