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Jim Ross Net Worth

Jim Ross Net Worth 2020

William Ross a.k.a. Jim Ross is an American based commentator in pro wrestling and WWE. He also works as, restaurateur, referee and beef jerky developer. He also writes commentary for wrestling works on Foxsports.com. He is one of the lead announcers on New Japan Pro-Wrestling on Channel AXS. To read about the net worth of Jim Ross in the year 2019, keep reading this article.

Early life and Biography

Jim Ross Net Worth 2020

Jim Ross was born in Fort Bragg, California on January 3, 1952. He completed his schooling in Westville high school and played his first base for the Westville baseball team. He remained on the position of the all-conference football player for two years. His grandfather Dee Ross was the owner of a beer store. Jim was also the president of the student union and state vice president of Future Farmers of America because of his position as state speech champion in the year 2018. Jim was also awarded an Honorable Mention in the year 1969 on High school all-state football team by Tulsa world.

Personal Life

Jim was married to Jan Ross. Jim’s best friends Ric Flair said in his interview that, he introduced Jan to Jim on an aeroplane. But, Jim writes in his book, that he met Jan on an aeroplane and Ric was there. Before Jan Ross, Jim has married twice and had two daughters and two granddaughters from them. Jim’s wife Jan died at the age of 55, which was shocking for Jim. Jan has died in a car accident. She has suffered from various head injuries and skull fractures from that accident. Jim has Bell’s palsy and sometimes get paralyzed.

Career, Awards, and Nominations

Jim’s career started during his college days. He started working as a commentator on college radio. This experience got him the opportunity of broadcasting position on the NWA Tri-State territory. In the sports world, Jim initially worked as a referee for three years till 1977. After that, he got promoted to broadcast team. After a few years, Jim was in the position of Mid-south vice president of Marketing.

In the year 1993, he was employed by the world wrestling federation and made his on-screen appearance for the very first time at WrestleMania IX. After which, he took over the Gorilla monsoon (Known commentator) on WWF wrestling challenge.

Net worth and Earnings

Because of dedication and love for work, Jim was able to build up an estimated net worth of $5 million. He has a great voice, which attracts more people to watch the shows of wrestling. Jim has retired from this job and has some part-time commentary earnings.

Jim Ross excelled in playing baseball in his earlier days and make people fall in love with his voice in the commentary. Jim has a huge following on social sites. He tweets sometimes and shares his pics. Currently, he is part-time working as a commentator in WWE. Jim lived his life the way he wanted and dealt with all the ups and down very well.


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