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Jim Cornette Net Worth

Jim Cornette Net Worth 2020

No career works better and pushes you longer than the one created out of passion. A passion-connected career gets better and better and lasts for decades until your old age. One such person who has got his career created on passion is Jim Cornette. Jim Cornette is not only an American podcaster but also a former professional wresting booker manager, commentator as well as an occasional professional wrestler. Read more to learn about Jim Cornette’s net worth in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Jim Cornette Net Worth 2020

Jim Cornette was born on 17th September 1961 as James Mark Cornette in Louisville Kentucky and he was brought up by his parents Dough and Thelma Cornette. Jim’s passion in wrestling grew when he was still young. This passion drove him to work in wrestling arenas when he was still a teenager. He took up any responsibility that was available as long as it was able to keep him close to the wresting wring. Some of the jobs he took up included; wrestling photographer, timekeeper, announcer and many more.

Personal Life

Regarding his relationship and marriage life, it can be said to be rather an interesting story. Jim has been married twice in his lifetime. The first marriage was between him and Janice Kelly Crowl. The two dated for a period of time before making up their mind to settle down as husband and wife. The couple officiated their marriage on 16th February 1987 but their marriage did not last forever. On 1st June 2002, they filed for a divorce and went their separate ways.

This however did not discourage Cornette and five years later, he decided to try his luck in marriage once again. This time he got married to Stacey Goff who is also known as Synn Stacey. Stacey was by that time working as an independent wrestling manager. His however tried out having a relationship with Stacey before they settled down as husband and wife as he was afraid of making a mistake for the second time. However, this time round he was lucky and their marriage has lasted for a decade and counting.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Jim Cornette’s career in wrestling has been involved with so many activities as he has taken over a number of roles since he begun. He started off with writing programs in arenas, then as his popularity grew, he got involved in the Smoky Mountain Wrestling, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling and World Wrestling Federation Entertainment when he got into direct contact with wrestlers and wrestling events.

Jim has worked under different names including “The Louisville Loudmouth”, Louisville Slugger, and Prince of Polyester. He has won a number of awards during his career some of which include; Best Non-Wrestler (2006), Manager of the year (several times), Best Booker (three times) among many others.

Net Worth & Earnings

Jim Cornette net worth is estimated at $6 million and above. Although he has not been directly involved in the wrestling wring, much of his wealth and income is technically from the ring. He has excelled more as a wrestling manager, podcaster and a commentator.

Apart from his activities in the wrestling ring, Jim Cornette is also a writer and has been able to write a number of books from which he gets some of his income from. He is also a great businessman and deals with a number of merchandise making him an all rounded man.


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