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Jeffrey Epstein Net Worth

Jeffrey Epstein Net Worth 2020

The founder of J. Epstein & Co. Jeffrey Epstein is a financier from the United States who is also a registered sex offender. He started his career by working in the investment bank called Bear Stearns. Despite being a popular financier, he was incarcerated for over a year on charges of soliciting prostitution to an underage girl. But he is still active in philanthropy as well as other endeavors. Let’s find out how much is the net worth of Jeffrey Epstein in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Jeffrey Epstein Net Worth 2020

Born in Brooklyn, New York in January 1953, Jeffrey Edward Epstein’s father used to work in the parks of New York City. He was raised in a Jewish family and was a brilliant kid during his childhood. He did not have a luxurious life but was a hardworking and dedicated individual right from the beginning.

The young Epstein went to the Lafayette High School and graduated in 1969. He has also been to the Cooper Union and later moved to New York University’s Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences. However, he did not receive a degree as he left out without it.

Personal Life

Not much is known about the personal profile of Jeffrey Epstein, but he maintains a good friendship with Tom Barrack and Prince Andrew. He has also been on a party with popular celebrities like Woody Allen, George Stephanopoulos, and Katie Couric. He has flown several big names like Bill Clinton, Chris Tucker, and Kevin Spacey on his private aircraft. Despite being imprisoned, Epstein maintains a very social life and is the creator of the Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation. He has funded in many genetic types of research.

Career, Award & Nominations

Right after leaving college, Jeffrey Epstein has started his career. He was a teacher of physics and calculus from 1973-1975 in Manhattan’s Dalton School. He has taught many pupils including Alan C. Greenberg’s son. His passion in the financial sector made him a Bear Stearns’s options trader in 1976. He was in charge of the products division and used to advise clients on various strategies in regards to tax.

His hard work and dedication later made him a partner of Bear Sterns. His success was growing at a faster pace which later made him create ‘J. Epstein & Co.’ which is a financial firm in 1982. He has managed assets over $1 billion. The firm was later renamed as Financial Trust Company in 1996.

He was so successful, that he even made a bid in acquiring the magazine, ‘New York’. He was unsuccessful on the venture and was outbid by investor Bruce Wasserstein. He has also teamed up with Mortimer Zuckerman, in financing the magazine ‘Radar’ worth $25 million. Epstein has funded several types of research pertaining to medicine. He has also supported individuals like Marvin Minsky and Ben Goertzel in artificial intelligence research.

Net Worth & Earnings

Having financed many projects Jeffrey Epstein must have been able to make good money. His private residence is the largest in New York’s Manhattan, so you could well assume how much his net worth would be. He is a billionaire and has got a total net worth of over $2.3 billion. That’s a big amount but he is worth every single cent as he is hard working and has ventured in different fields. His other immovable properties include a villa in Florida’s Palm Beach, a mansion in New Mexico, a private island in U.S. Virgin Island, and an apartment in the French capital city. He has got his own personal Boeing 727.

A successful billionaire who has been engulfed in several sexual allegations, Epstein has been a part of several criminal proceedings. There are also civil proceedings against him and theirs is also a lawsuit filed by Virginia Roberts.