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Janet Yellen Net Worth

Janet Yellen Net Worth 2020

Janet Louise Yellen is an award-winning economist who is known as the first female to work as the chairwoman of the Federal Reserve. In the United States, she considered as one of the most impactful economists. Also, Yellen worked as the business professor for the Haas School of Business and the University of California. She served as the chairwomen from 3rd February 2014 to 3rd February 2018. Are you curious to know the net worth of Janet Yellen in 2020? If yes, then read the complete article and know about it.

Early Life & Biography

Janet Yellen Net Worth 2020

Yellen was born on 13th August 1946 in the home of Julius Yellen and Anna Ruth who was an elementary school teacher and a family physician respectively. She had an older sibling whose name was John Yellen. To offer adequate care to her kids, Janet’s mother quit the job.

She completed her schooling from the Fort Hamilton High School that situated in Brooklyn, whereas Janet’s higher study take place from Pembroke College from where she get graduated in economics in 1967. Yellen was fond of study, and that’s why further completed Ph.D. from Yale University. She was only women to receive Ph.D. in doctoral class in 1971 from this university.

Personal Life

Janet is happily married to George Akerlof who is the winner of the noble prize in Economic Science. Together, they are enjoying a very happy life. Her husband is a professor at the University of California and Georgetown University. Together, they have a son Robert Akerlof who is a professor at the University of Warwick.

She is a strong advocate of the monetary policy to stabilize the economic activity. Also, Janet is a Keynesian advocate and supports the modern version of the Philips Curve.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Janet started her career as an assistant professor in 1971 in Harvard and then become an economist in 1977 with the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. She also served as the professor in The London School of Economics and Political Science and the University of California. When it comes to public services, she works under the Bill Clinton for Council of Economic Advisers, Western Economic Association International, and American Economic Association.

Yellen was the CEO and President for the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco between 2004 & 2010. Janet succeeded the Donald Kohn on 28th April 2010 as the vice chairman of the Federal Reserve System. She served in this position till 4 October 2014. After that, she served as the chairwomen of the United States Federal Reserve till February 2018.

There is a long list of awards won by the Janet Yellen in her amazing career. She received Adam Smith Award in October 2010 and included in the list of most powerful women in the world by Forbes in 2014. Also, the University of Warwick awarded Doctor of Social Science degree to Yellen in October 2015. Janet releases a book with the name The Fabulous Decade: Macroeconomics from the 1990s in 2001. The Century Foundation published it.

Net Worth & Earnings

The net worth of Janet Yellen is $15 million. We believe no one will surprise to see it as she has worked in both public services and private professor. For all those positions, Janet receives a hefty annual salary. She has also written articles for many well-known economic magazines.

Without any doubt, Janet is one of the best economists and a true inspiration for the ladies across the world. She has achieved so much in her life that a normal individual can’t even think. We wish her good health.


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