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Hickok45 Net Worth (YouTube channel)

Hickok45 Net Worth 2020

Hickok45 is a popular YouTube channel demonstrating and reviewing modern and ancient firearms. This YouTube channel was established by Greg Kinman and his son, John. John creates the videos that are posted and shared online at Hickok45. Greg appears on videos demonstrating how to use various firearms safely. Continue reading to find the net worth of Hickok45 as of 2019.


Hickok45 Net Worth 2020

Although Greg Kinman was originally from Kentucky, he settled in Tennessee. Greg Kinman is a retired middle-school teacher. Also, he is a former police officer with a tour of ten years from Tennessee. Hickok45 was established in January 2007 by Greg Kinman and his son, John. In July 2007, Greg and John posted their first video on Hickok45 YouTube channel. John takes videos of his father who demonstrates how to use ancient and modern firearms safely.


The videos filmed by John are posted on Hickok45 YouTube channel. Greg depicts and discusses in details various firearms that are modern and ancient. Also, Greg demonstrates how to use each of those firearms safely. In Greg’s early videos, he wore cowboy attires and showed how to shoot weapons from the Old Westerns. Over the years, Greg has included various presentations demonstrating various weapons. Also, Greg has emphasized the safe handling of the weapons. Although John is involved in most of the filming of videos, he sometimes appears on them too.


The videos posted and shared in Hickok45 YouTube Channel shows Greg shooting at vegetations. He is found carving pumpkins, destroying watermelons, and cutting saplings with different guns. The videos are shown on social media in France, Germany, India, and Vietnam. In 2010, Jay Leno showed one of Hickok45 pumpkin carving video on ‘The Tonight Show.’ In 2015, Greg taught distance via Webinar for The Sonoran Desert Institute.

Net Worth & Earnings:

The net worth of Hickok45 is $3 million. As of 2020, Hickok45 has more than 4 million subscribers and collection of over 1.1 billion views. On the average, every day, Hickok45 gets 520,000 views from various sources. Thus, Hickok45 earns revenues of approximately $1,000 per day that amounts annually to $365,000. Hickok45 also sells T-shirts online such that Greg makes extra income.

After taking its cut, YouTube owners get $2-$5 per 1000 monetized views (40%-60% total views). Factors determining include ad inventory, how they are viewed, a device used, the location of the viewer, and more. Generally, the cost of the ad is based on auction (minimum $0.01 per view). Google preferred target ads on top 5% where ad rates are highest. YouTube channel owners earn from YouTube Read viewers’ monthly fees for viewing premium content without ads. More money is earned depending on how long the viewer watches the videos.

In 2016, due to some issues with YouTube, Hickok45 had to be closed twice. However, it was quickly restored. Of course, the fans can always view the videos hosted in Full30. Again in April 2018, Hickok45 YouTube Channel was closed for a few hours due to some policy change in March 2018. YouTube bans links for selling of firearms and accessories.


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