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Guy Beahm Net Worth

Guy Beahm Net Worth 2020

Guy Beahm is a Twitch. Tv streamer and an internet personality from the United States of America. He is famous for playing ‘battle royale’ video games. He has more than 2.5 followers on his channel. Here is a quick summary of the net worth, career and earnings of Guy Beahm in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Guy Beahm Net Worth 2020

Guy Beahm was born in San Diego, California, US on the 10th of March 1982. He is better known as ‘Drdisrespect’ in the gaming industry. There is no information about his parents or his childhood life. The only available information is that he attended a Polytechnic University in the state of California, Pomona. It is not indicated what he was studying, but he was a member of the basketball team where he played the NCAA Division 11.

Personal Life

Details of the own life of Guy are very scanty. He has over the years managed to keep his private life out of reach to the public. He always wears sunglasses, a mullet wig, and a mustache when playing. The disguise shows that he is determined to separate his career from his private life.

The only available details on his personal life are that he is married. He has never revealed the name of his wife but sometimes refers to her in his posts. The couple welcomed their firstborn daughter in 2014. Just like her mother, her name was not revealed as well. Guy later in 2016 announced his daughter’s name as Alana, in a post.

Career, Awards, & Nominations

Guy kicked off his career by playing ‘Halo 2’, which was on the ‘Xbox.’ In this game, players were allowed to engage each other since it had a proximity voice chat. Beahm portrayed a dominant character, and he could easily back up talks. He was very good at it, and he made it seem genuine.

Later, alongside his roommate, they started posting videos on YouTube. His debut video on YouTube was on January 11, 2010. It was a gameplay of ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’. He also featured in several videos for the ‘Machinima’ gaming channel.

He joined ‘Sledgehammer Games’ in 2016 as a community manager. He later got promoted to the post of a level designer where he helped in the creation of the various multiplayer maps for different games.

He joined ‘Justin. Tv’ in 2015 as a full-time streamer. He has become very famous for playing the battle royale games like ‘H1Z1’, and ‘PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. As part of his significant achievements, he won the Game Award for the Trending Gamer in 2017. He also won the Esports Industry Award in 2017 for the Streamer of the Year.

Net Worth & Earnings

The estimated net worth of the famous gamer is $400 thousand. Most of his wealth has come from his gaming career. He also has a clothing line where he sells t-shirts, clocks, wall art among others. He as well has endorsement deals with various companies. All this amounts to his wealth.

Guy Beahm is today a renown gamer who has managed to turn gaming into a successful career. He is among the most famous people on the internet with a massive number of followers. He is still young in his career, and we expect much more entertainment from him in the coming days.


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