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George Zimmerman Net Worth

George Zimmerman Net Worth 2020

George Zimmerman is known for Taryvon Martin Shooting case in the year 2012. He got famous when he was able to capture a lot of media and public attention because of the shooting. He has many other allegations also because of which he got a lot of media coverage. After releasing from Taryvon Martin case, he started selling paintings and then he also did the auction of the gun which was used to kill Taryvon Martin. Let’s have a look at the net worth of George Zimmerman in 2020 in the below article.

Early Life & Biography:

George Zimmerman Net Worth 2020

George was born on 5th October in the year 1983 in Manassas, Virginia. His mother was from Peru while his father was American with German descent which made George, the member of the multi-cultural family. He went to All Saints Catholic School in Manassas and in his early age, he wanted to become Marine and that’s why he decides to join Junior Reserve Officers’ Training at the age of fourteen. He went to Osbourn High school from where he completed his schooling in the year 2001.

Personal Life:

Zimmerman got married to Shellie Dean who is a licensed cosmetologist in the year 2007 on 17th November. They shifted to The Retreat at Twin Lakes which is located in Sanford, Florida after completing two years of marriage. When George Zimmerman was arrested for shooting Taryvon Martin, then George’s wife filed for divorce in the year 2013 after they complete six years of their marriage. They got divorced in the year 2016 and then Zimmerman made a girlfriend named Samantha Sceibe who also accused him for pointing gum towards her.

Career, Awards & Nominations:

After completing his high school, George took the job as an insurance agent in Lake Mary, Florida. After that he decided to work in car dealing and mortgage audit firm after which he took admission in Seminole State College in the year 2009 for completing the associate degree in Criminal Justice. He failed in the examination which prevented him to complete his degree. Later, he became famous when he was arrested for shooting Taryvon Martin. He was also accused of many more crimes like a road accident, attempt to murder, racial abuse etc.

He did nothing which can enable him to win any awards of recognition but even he was a criminal, he earned a lot of money by selling his painting. He also got the ticket for becoming a Republican Party candidate in the Alaska Elections. He was awarded a huge popularity by the media coverage.

Net Worth & Earnings:

For getting money in order to fight against the case of Taryvon Martin, Zimmerman started a website, which made him earn $33,000 per month. After that, he also signed the contract with a leading publishing company. He also earned money from his paintings and he was also able to earn money by selling the gum which he used to shoot Martin. His first painting, an American flag was sold for $100,099.99 on the e-commerce portal eBay. He also auctioned the same gun which he used for murder on United Gun Group and earned $250,000 from its sale.

After filed documents in A court in May 2018 saying he’s $2.5 million in debt and has zero income it is estimated that his net worth might be (Negative)-$2.5 million. In the documents, he lists that he’s unemployed and has $0 in assets including cash, bank accounts and equity on property.

George Zimmerman became more famous when in the episode of South Park, a combined parody of his trials in the murder case and World War Z movie was premiered in the year 2013. Not only this, but he was also made a potential Republican Party candidate in the Alaska Polls in which he received 2% of support from Alaskans. One can’t learn to be a criminal by following this person but you can definitely learn to become a better person in order to avoid such kind of popularity.


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