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FPSRussia Net Worth (Youtube channel)

FPSRussia Net Worth 2020

FPSRussia is a well-known Youtube channel that showed massive explosives and firearms. The program and show were created and presented by Kyle Myers through YouTube and Twitch.tv. You may explore in details below the inception, evolution, achievements and net worth of FPSRussia in 2020.


FPSRussia Net Worth 2020

The idea of the show was developed by Kyle Lamar Myers. Kyle was born on May 9, 1986, in Lavonia city in Georgia, United States. Prior to FPSRussia, he had channels named klm5986, FPSKyleletsplays. Kyle featured personalities from the YouTube in his videos.


The main story about FPSRussia was evolved when Kyle wanted to compare the portrayal of guns in various entertainment fields and how they are in real life. He used to work at a car dealership where one of his co-workers was from Russia and from where he developed his accent.

Kyle’s uncle used to talk with Kyle when he was a child using that accent as his uncle is referred to as a prankster. He created the character of a person named Dimitri using the accent he developed and learned. After that, he filmed himself using a gun and shooting on the farm which his family owns in his birth town. He also ran another channel on YouTube named FPSRussiaTV.


FPSRussia YouTube channel was found on Apr 19, 2010. Now, the channel has over 6.4 million subscribers with more than 820 video views making her one of the top channels. It was also named by various magazines as one of the most popular channels of all time. After that, Kyle went to host other series and video games that have guns involved in. The channel hasn’t been active since 2016.

Another YouTube channel that was created by Kyle is named MoreFPSRussia. It began on September 27, 2011, as his second channel. MoreFPSRussia now has nearly 1 million subscribers and over 33 million video views. However, the last video on the channel was also uploaded in 2016. Other than his own channels, Kyle also worked with other shows such as Epic Meal Time which is a Canadian YouTube cooking show.

Other than videos, the channel was developed into a game named “FPS Russia: The Game”. The game was released in 2013 for iOS mobile phones on the App Store.

One of the production team members named Keith Ratliff was found dead in his gun store in 2013, because of a gunshot. Various conspiracy theories came up during the investigation, but the case was never resolved.

Net Worth & Earnings:

The weapons, firearms and explosives channel FPSRussia has an estimated net worth of somewhere around $2 million. The wealth of the channel came through the platforms it exists on including YouTube and Twitch.tv. The channel founder Kyle Myers has annual earnings of more than $200 thousand.

FPSRussia is one of the most famous channels on online video platforms. It was found by Kyle Myers on two platforms including YouTube and Twitch.tv. FPSRussia now has near 6.5 million subscribers, and it hasn’t been active for two years.


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