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Flo Progressive Net Worth (fictional character)

Flo Progressive Net Worth 2020


Flo Progressive is a fictional character who has appeared in the commercials for Progressive Corporation. The fictional character of the salesperson has been portrayed by comedian and actress Stephanie Courtney. It has been active since 2008 and has got many likes on its Facebook page. The advertisement has also featured the character’s family members including siblings and parents. Keep reading to know more about net worth of Flo Progressive in 2020.

Early Life & Biography:

Flo Progressive Net Worth 2020

The character of Flo Progressive made its debut in 2008. Following that, it went on to appear in a number of television commercials. It has also appeared in print media as well as radio. Its popularity also made it appear in web banners.

Later, Progressive Corporation created an upbeat store employee called “Flo”. It was created by Arnold Worldwide with Steve Reepmeyer as art director and John Park as a copywriter. It has been reported that Flo’s character has been similar to Chrissy Hynde from the Pretenders.

The company Progressive Corporation later introduced Kitty, who is an Australian counterpart of Flo Progressive. This character was portrayed by Holly Austin, who is an Australian actress. Flo Progressive has appeared in over 100 commercials until November 2014.

The character of Flo is basically a cashier who has got enthusiasm as well as upbeat personality. She has got retro hairstyle, name tag, white uniform with no-wrinkles, and heavy makeup. It has been described as “weirdly sincere” according to Advertising Age and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

On the 100th advertisement of Flo Progressive in 2014, the company also introduced her family members including father, mother, sister, brother, and grandfather. All the characters were portrayed by actress Stephanie Courtney.

She is a popular TV icon who is the new sweetheart of commercial break according to Boston Herald. In 2009, her Facebook fans were almost one million. This peaked at 5.43 million in 2015. There are also many websites in her dedication and she is also active in other media platforms like Twitter.

In 2010, the character of Flo Progressive was made a downloadable character in ‘ModNation Racers’ which is a popular video game. In there, it has got her own Progressive kart.

Awards & Achievements

Flo Progressive, being a fictional character has not won any award. But she attained the status of a “Television Icon” according to Boston Herald. Her Facebook page, “Flo, the Progressive Girl” has got over 5.43 million likes till 2015.

Net Worth & Earnings

The estimated net worth of Flo Progressive is more than $8.5 million. This net worth is of the actress Stephanie Courtney. The character has appeared in over 100 commercials in television, radio, and web banners. It is a popular character in the United States and has also been able to reach out to international audiences. The character has also appeared in print advertisements and banners.

Flo Progressive is a very popular sales fictional character in the United States. Even the actress who portrayed the character is known as “Flo Progressive”. She has got many fans which are proven by the number of likes she received on Facebook.


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