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FaZe Clan Net Worth

FaZe Clan Net Worth 2020

Faze Clan is highly popularized for being one of the top eSports organization in the world. The organization has chiefly made their way to the hot trending games of all time such as the ‘Call of Duty’ with the championship-winning title. This eSports organization has been expertise in taking part new trending games like ‘Realm Royale’, ‘Overwatch’, ‘EA Sports FIFA’, ‘Player Unknown’s Battleground’, and many others which are highly popular and well-known as prime computer games on a global scale. Let us find out the net worth of Faze Clan in 2020.


FaZe Clan Net Worth 2020

The eSports and entertainment organization has come into the establishment on 30 May 2010 in the United States. The logo of the organization is mainly articulated and designed in red and white color. Formerly, Faze Clan is known by the name of ‘Faze Snipping,’ but later it was called upon by its nickname as ‘Faze Clan’. The organization is solely run by a team of four dynamic members such as ‘Richard Bengston’, ‘Thomas Oliveira’, ‘Nordan Shat’, and lastly ‘Yousef Abdelfattah’.

On the other hand, the chief CEO of this organization is none other than ‘Mr. Thomas Oliveira’. The chief partners in association with this eSports organization are ‘Scuf Gaming’, ‘G FUEL’, and lastly ‘SteelSeries’.


The Faze Clan eSports organization has participated in several tournaments and championship battle over the past years which have significantly given the growth to this eSports organization abundantly. They have also won the winter championship title at the ‘2013 MLG’. As the time passes, the organization grew stronger and stronger with unmatchable fan followers and team members.

Soon, the organization launched their first round of game entitled ‘Call of Duty: Ghosts’. Next, they played in a new set game entitled ‘Advanced Warfare’. It became a much popular game in a very short span of time which increases their revenue much higher than expected. Significantly, they took part in another gaming combat as ‘Black Ops 3’ where they have acquired a flawless record on a global scale.

With utmost success, they were next seen in the ‘2016 CML Championship’ where they again gave a brilliant performance with a winning prize of $50,000. Significantly, they participated in several other trending games such as ‘‘Realm Royale’, ‘Overwatch’, ‘EA Sports FIFA’, ‘Player Unknown’s Battleground’, and many others.


The Faze Clan has been placed in the 1st position at the ‘MLG Pro League Season 3’. In addition to this, the organization has been placed in the 5-6th position at the ‘MLG World Finals 2015’.

Net Worth & Earnings

The eSports organization has earned a whopping fortune due to various events and tournaments which has fetched them several sponsorship and deals. They are counted as the biggest money maker in the gaming world where they have pulled over $2 million with the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The organization has also been sponsored by various renowned companies like Intel, SteelSeries, Corsair, and many others. The total estimated net worth of Faze clan is about $6 million approximately.

Much to surprise, Faze Clan has introduced themselves in a chain of gaming combat and videos which are highly popularized with a maximum viewership on the YouTube channel. Apart from the game ‘Call of Duty’, they have also expanded the new gaming combat as ‘Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’.