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Dyrus Net Worth

Dyrus Net Worth 2020

Dyrus is a former professional multiplayer online battle arena player from the United States. He is also a streamer and League of Legends player. He has got various nicknames like “Brother Dyrus”, “Dyrone”, and “TSirDiesalot”. He has participated in several tournaments and has been a part of many teams. He has also won various championships and has started his career at a young age. To know more about the net worth of Dyrus in 2020, read the following article.

Early Life & Biography

Dyrus Net Worth 2020

The real name of Dyrus is Marcus Hill. He was born on March 30, 1992, in Honolulu, Hawaii. He is the son of Mark Hill and Sandy Hill. His father is British and Irish mix, and his mother is Chinese. His father wanted to work him in the plumbing business, but Dyrus went through against the will of his father.

It is not known where he went for his studies. But he must have been a smart kid when he was young. He began his career as a teenager, so it is also unclear if the former League of Legends player has attended college.

Personal Life

It has been revealed that Dyrus is currently in a relationship with Twitch star Emiru. She has regularly posted the couple’s videos on YouTube, and they have been dating each other for over two years. He currently lives with Brian Wyllie (The OddOne) in Austin, Texas.

Career, Award & Nominations

When Dyrus decided to become a professional ‘League of Legends’ player, he was fired by his father. He first joined a team called “All or Nothing” in 2010. Soon it was disbanded, and he went on to join “Epik Gamer”. In there, he was a top laner. He received quite an exposure when he started to stream on Twitch. With the team, he has participated in various events like Riot Season One Championship, MLG Pro Circuit 2011, Sound Blaster Nations Championship 2011, MLG Providence 2011, and IGN ProLeague. He went on to win the World Cyber Game Grand Finals in 2011 for Chicks Dig Elo.

It has been reported that he was not good in studies but had the zeal to become a professional gamer. This made him become a gamer. In March 2012, Dyrus joined team SoloMid. With them, he won several events like North American Region Finals 2012, GIGABYTE Esports LAN, IGN ProLeague Season 4, and Reign of Gaming International Invitational. He has also won the 2015 NA LCS Spring Season and Playoffs. He remained with team SoloMid till October 2015, and at the same time, he also used to play for Epik Gamer.

In June 2017, he joined team Delta Fox. With this team, he played only till August 2017. Although he has now retired from gaming, but has won many other international events like Intel Extreme Masters Season IX Katowice World Finals.

Net Worth & Earnings

What could be the net worth of a person who has won several titles in his career with various teams? He has got a net worth of over $1.5 million and was reported to have an annual salary of $400,000. He has contributed a lot in professional gaming, and his services are still remembered by his fellow gamers. His net worth comes by participating in several international events, and he has played in many countries across the world.

Dyrus is a very talented person. It has not been known on what the former gamer is currently doing. But he is still very young and has got many other options to begin his career. He has been missed by his fans, and you never know when he might decide to make a comeback.


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