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Dude Perfect Net Worth (group)

Dude Perfect Net Worth 2020

Dude Perfect is an American based group that commonly uploads video content on YouTube channels. The group is composed of twins Cory and Coby Cotton, Garett Hilbert, Tyler Toney and Cody Jones. Interestingly, all the three members did play basketball players, and when they joined University, they were roommates.

The group has enjoyed immense growth and do hold several world records. Their YouTube channel ranked position seven among the most subscribed YouTube Channels in history. Keep reading to learn more about the net worth of Dude Perfect in 2020.


Dude Perfect Net Worth 2020

In their early years, the group was betting on Sandwiches via the various basketball shots in their backyard, which later was recorded on camera and a video trick shots at Toney’s ranch that was named ‘Backyard Edition’ that was released on YouTube. Within one week, the video had achieved over 200,000 views on YouTube. After this, a trick shot video from Christian summer camp was released.

This video currently has over 18 million views. The group has vowed to sponsor a child for every 100,000 views the video generates. Dude Perfect was contacted by the ESPN for a segment and on the 3rd floor of the Texas A&M kylie Field. After having a lengthy discussion with the ESPN, that was the time they shot ‘First Take,’ ‘Pardon the Interruption’ and ‘SportsNation.’


The group is famous for its tricky recordings together with the stereotypes that they do release regularly. These videos are senseless, and in spite of this, regardless they managed to get views more than ten million on every one of the video. As of the year 2017, the gathering had amassed followers totaling 20 million, and the number of views on their recordings was more than three billion.

Among the well-known videos that have been released by the group is ‘Stick Pong Trick Shots’ which has gotten more than ten million views! The group has had an opportunity to appear on the ESPN’s shows like ‘E: 60’, and ‘Acquit the Interruption.’ They went on and presented what is called ‘Panda Mascot.’

They can regularly be found in the ball games of Texas A&M. The group has worked for the main names, among them athletes and celebs. A portion of the main names that they have worked for includes Jason Belmonte, Johnny Manziel, and Ricky Stenhouse.

The group has a mobile phone on the market that got to be launched in the year 2013. This was later trailed by a book that had the title ‘Pull out all the stops’


The group has picked up a colossal number of supporters on the internet-based accounts. This is even routed greater than getting honors and trophies. They have set a Guinness world record for having a huge number of followers and subscribers in a month. They have a channel that has been ranked position seven on the list of most subscribed channels.

Net Worth & Earnings

Dude Perfect total net worth value is assessed to be over $25 million. This riches has originated from their YouTube channel. The group acquires significantly from advertisements that do keep running in their channel. Additionally, they do acquire from different supporters of their channel. Another wellspring of their riches has been from the sale of a game that is available in both the android as well as iOS. The game has earned them millions regarding revenue.

Dude Perfect is a well-known group for their YouTube Channel. The number of supporters in their channel is a reasonable sign of how much individuals cherish them and the degree to which People have begun to look all starry-eyed at the substance that the group makes. They have additionally given to altruistic exercises.


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