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Drew Rosenhaus Net Worth

Drew Rosenhaus Net Worth 2020

Drew Rosenhaus is a familiar name to lovers of sports and anyone who understands what sports agency is. Although our passion does not necessarily dictate our destiny, for many people, it works as the guideline on the path to take in life. This is no difference for Drew Rosenhaus. His passion for sports led him to be the first youngest registered sports agent. Keep reading to know more about the net worth of Drew Rosenhaus in 2020.

Early Life And Biography

Drew Rosenhaus Net Worth 2020

Drew Rosenhaus was born on 29th October 1966. He was born in South Orange, New Jersey. Drew is an American nationality and lives in Miami Florida. Four years after Drew was born, his family relocated to North Miami in Florida. This is where his passion in football began. Drew loved Miami Dolphins and always made sure he attended their home game as well as practices.

Drew has kept his personal life very private. Nothing much is known about him. However, it has been recorded that he has a brother known as Jason Rosenhaus whom they have worked together at different levels. Drews father is known as Robert Rosenhaus. Rosenhaus attended the University of Miami, Florida, the United States in 1987. After graduating from Coral Gables, he joined Duke University School of Law which is located in North Carolina, United States. He graduated from the school of law in 1990.

Personal Life

Drew Rosenhaus is currently married to his wife Lisa Thomson who is a Miami real estate agent. The couple recently fought and Drew filed a divorce. They, however, decided to reconcile and the divorce case was dismissed. They are more in love and have recently posted photos of their romantic moments together.

Career, Awards, And Nominations

Drew Rosenhaus has been recorded as the youngest registered sports agent since he got his agency registered when he was just 22 years old. Rosenhaus was able to sign his first client in 1989 when he was still a student at Duke University School of Law. Two decades later, he had managed to negotiate over a billion dollars in different NFL contracts for most players who are famous in the league.

Other than being a sports agent, Drew is also an author together with his brother Jason. He has written books like “Next Question”, “A Shark Never Sleeps”, among others. He has also appeared in several shows like “ESPN First Take”, “Jim Rome on Showtime”, “60 Minutes” among many others.

Net Worth And Earnings

As of now, Rosenhaus has a net worth of $80 million. This places him among the most famous football agents in the industry. His career has grown from a single client to over 100 NFL players. His company is known as Rosenhaus Sports Representation and has negotiated over a billion dollars in different NFL contracts.

The most important thing in any career is passion and determination. There are the two virtues that have made Drew Rosenhaus the person he is today. His company is growing by the day, and he has not shown any signs of retiring from the world of sports any time soon.


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