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Debbie Rowe Net Worth

Debbie Rowe Net Worth 2020

Debbie Rowe is a renowned nurse who is mainly known due to being married by Michael Jackson which was her second marriage. Together with Michael Jackson, they had two children known as Paris Jackson and Michael Joseph Jackson. Today, let’s have a quick look at the net worth of Debbie Rowe in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Debbie Rowe Net Worth 2020

Debbie Rowe was born on 6th December in the year 1958 in Spokane, Washington with her full name being Deborah Jeanne Rowe. She was born to her parents known as Gordon Rowe and Barbara Chilcutt who separated while she was in a very young age before she had even her second birthday due to some issues which were not disclosed. After this, she was then raised by her mother together with her aunties as well as her grandmother. She later had a half-sister who is known as Loretta Scarlett in the year 1961. She studied at Hollywood High School where she completed her graduation in 1977.

Personal Life

Debbie Rowe first tied knots with Richard Edelman who was a teacher at Hollywood High School who they wedded in the year 1983. They however separated in the year 1988 after which she befriended Michael Jackson after which they tied knots in the year 1996. They then had two children known as Paris Katherine and Michael Joseph Jackson. They then later separated in the year 1999.

Career, Awards & nominations

Debbie Rowe first tied knots in the year 1983 with Richard Edelman though they later separated in the year 1988After this, Debbie Rowe continued working as a nurse at DR. Arnold Klein dermatology office which is the place where she met Michael Jackson who at that time had divorced Lisa Marie Parsley. Rowe was one of the best fans of Jackson and following this, Jackson, and she accepted to bear him a child.

6 months before their marriage, Rowe announced that she was pregnant after which they then married in the same year. After three months of their marriage, they then got a son known as Michael Joseph Jackson. After a short time again, she became pregnant, and they then got a daughter one year after the son.

She could not bear more children which resulted in their separation in the year 1999 after which she was paid a sum of $8 million on her divorce for damages. Michael Jackson was then left with the full responsibility of their children. Debbie Rowe has been a nurse by profession from which she has not had any awards from it. Following her marriage to Michael Jackson, she then had much of her popularity from it.

Net Worth & Earnings

Debbie Rowe has an estimated net worth of $27 million. This comes from the fortunate earnings she made through being married by Michael Jackson and later divorced after which she also got more damages. She earned less through her professional career.

The marriage of Debbie Rowe to Michael Jackson brought her turn around in her life which gave her much popularity as well as earnings. She got a great opportunity to become a star though she did not utilize it and now she is losing her fame.


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