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David Miscavige Net Worth

David Miscavige Net Worth 2020

A church is a place where people go for spiritual nourishment, but when it is with controversial, the leader is answerable. Such a leader is David Miscavige who is the leader of the church of Scientology in America. Today let us learn more about the career, biography and the net worth of David Miscavige in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

David Miscavige Net Worth 2020

David Miscavige life on earth began in 1960 in the county of Bucks Philadelphia. David’s father was Ron who enjoyed playing trumpets, and the mother was Loretta. The parents were Roman Catholics. David was born with a twin sister named Denise. After being born David was brought up in the township of Willingboro. David joined a high school in Marple Newtown.

David was very fond of football and baseball which he developed at an early age. However, he had asthma from birth which limited him from being fully involved in his hobbies. David’s sensitivity to the asthma attacks affected his father, and he decided to look for a solution. After some consideration, he decided to introduce his son to a Scientologist.

After sometime David was healed of his illnesses which the father attributes to the Scientologists. David’s miraculous healing made him and the family join the church and later shifted to where the headquarters were in England. At the age of twelve years, David was familiar with the church, and he could operate accounts program.

Personal Life

David had courtship with his girlfriend, Michele for almost four years after which they married in 1982. Michele tried to change the structure of Scientology church without consulting anybody in the year 2006. She did this because she was the first lady. This action was not received well by the church management and contributed to her demotion.

It also affected the relationship with her husband. Amazingly David has remained close-mouthed about the issue. He has left the problem to be handled by the Scientology church. Sources from church claim Michele serves the church in the underground. For the time they have lived together David and Michele are childless.

Career, Awards, and Nominations

David has been active in the church ministry since he was young around eleven years old. He served under the founder of the Scientology church Hubbard as a photographer in a video training. Hubbard appointed him to head an organization that its mandate was to oversee the private Scientology groups.

Later in the year 1981, David was allotted as the law officer in issues to deal with Hubbard. He was also in control of Hubbard’s investments and production services. David has been the chairman of a religious board of the church, i.e., the Religious Technology Board. As the head of the committee, he is supposed to preserve, uphold and defend the Scientology church.

David has involved himself in translating Hubbard’s books into verbal. He has also started a plan to make Scientology church a model, and they have opened branches in many parts of America. Under his leadership, the church has grown very fast.

Net Worth & Earnings

What do you think is the net worth of a person who paid in terms of saving lives? Well, David Miscavige does not have any personal wealth. There are many fake websites that stated his net worth is between $50 to $70 million, but all the information about his net worth on the internet is false. Mr. Miscavige is very successful in the spiritual world, but his work is charitable, not pecuniary.  He is paid in terms of saving lives, not in dollars. Mr. Miscavige does not earn a “salary in serving the church” because his work is charitable, not pecuniary. The church of Scientology caters for the upkeep of David’s the basic needs and the luxuries.

Despite David Miscavige having challenges in his marriage, he has served Scientology church with a passion. He holds characteristics of a good leader who should be visionary, productive and dedicated. David is loyal to the ministry and through his leadership Scientology church will grow.


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