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Coffee Meets Bagel Net Worth 2023, Wiki, Members Name, Individual Earnings

Coffee Meets Bagel Net Worth 2020

Coffee Meets Bagel is an online dating platform founded and launched by three sisters in 2012. The sisters are Arum, Dawoon, and Kang. The launching venue was in New York. With just under six years since its launch, the service has done remarkably well and has also launched in other towns such as Boston and San Francisco, both in the year 2012. Here is a comprehensive look at the net worth of Coffee Meets Bagel in 2023, evolution, and earnings.


Coffee Meets Bagel Net Worth 2020

Arum, Dawoon, and Kang felt the need to form a website for dating to inspire love and dating for people who had lost hope in their relationship life. When interviewed, the ladies said that the main reason for creating the service was an inspiration to the single people out there to have the strength to date again.

They had to make a big decision of turning down an offer of $30 million from Mark Cuban of Shark Tank after they felt the value was too small for their idea. The decision proved vital and fruitful as from then they have gone on to become multi-millionaires. After forming the website, the service was launched officially in New York in 2012 .the service got a good reception in the city.


Coffee Meets Bagel so successive that was it was an instant hit and was trending all over. Due to the quality of service, it was demanded in cities like San Francisco and Boston. The sisters agreed to launch it in the same year, 2012.

They also launched an app that is available in the Google Play Store. The app is special and different from others in that it has a limit to the number of matches a user can have each day. To start off, users have to register online through their Facebook profiles. The rest of the work is up to the Coffee Meets Bagel’s crew to find potential matches. The users can only contact their matches once they have accepted their request back.

The dating app has gone on to employ 35 more working staff and has raised a considerable fair amount since then. One has to visit their official site to start the dating experience which the founders have been reported stating it is exciting and worth every commitment.


The app has achieved a lot in just less than a decade.it has brought a lot of couples together due to its quality services. It is recognized globally, and users from different parts are opting to try out the service. This, by all means, is the greatest achievement the owners could ask for in a world where there all sorts of dating platforms that provide stiff competition.

Net Worth & Earnings of Coffee Meets Bagel in 2023

Coffee Meets Bagel Net Worth
Coffee Meets Bagel Net Worth

Coffee Meets Bagel has a whopping net worth of about $150 million as of 2023. This is incredible considering that they have been in the industry for just six years. Though facing stiff competition from the likes of ‘Tinder,’ the app has defied the odds favorably. They have once raised $7.8 million in external funding which contributed significantly to this value.

Coffee Meets Bagel is what it is today because of a brave decision by three sisters who decided that the project had more value than $30 million offered to them at that time. They have since been proved right, and today it is one of the most successful platforms. The app is different in its way as it has more women than men making the process smooth. It is still running, and currently, they are set to launch in Seattle.


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