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Blue Ivy Net Worth

Blue Ivy Net Worth 2020

Blue Ivy is the daughter of the rapper Jay-Z. As a star kid, she is already the topic of discussion in the media. Her cute smile and dance skills already won the hearts of thousands of people. Here is a summary of the net worth of the Blue Ivy in 2020.

Early Life & Biography:

Blue Ivy Net Worth 2020

Blue Ivy was born on 7 January 2012 in the New York, United States to the Jay-Z and Beyonce.

Her mother, Beyoncé is the prominent American actress while her father is an entrepreneur and a rapper. She also has twin brothers, Rumi Carter and Sir Carter. She spends her entire time with her two brothers.

Personal Life:

Let’s talk about the personal life of the Blue Ivy. Blue Ivy is born in one of the wealthiest families in America. Her parents are the iconic stars in their field. Currently, she is just six years old and living the luxurious life. She is just like her mother.

Though she is very small in age, she knows everything about the trending topics and fashion.

Career, Awards, & Nominations:

As previously stated, she is just six years old and currently enjoying her childhood. She starred at the 2017 Grammy Awards and performed on the stage. In the 2017 Grammy Awards Show, she said that Prince is her fashion idol. She has featured in the hit song, “Glory” which was produced by her father. She likes to attend various dance shows and awards ceremonies.

Blue Ivy is known for her girly fashion. Recently, her photos with her mother went viral. More than 100,000 people are following her on the Instagram.

On her first birthday, her parents spent a whopping $200,000. You may be amazed by knowing that her parents ordered a cake of price $2,000 on her 1st birthday. She was gifted by the $80,000 Barbie doll on that birthday.

On her second birthday, Jay-Z rented the entire Jungle Island for her. Her mother, Beyonce is planning to start a cosmetics company under the name, Blue Ivy.

She is a very brilliant dancer. Blue Ivy was the part of her father’s song, “Legacy”. Being a star kid, she is already gained the stardom. Her journey in the entertainment industry is quite fascinating to see. Blue Ivy likes to roam with her mother, and she toured with the Beyoncé when she was just 19 months old.
She has not received any award yet.

Net Worth & Earnings:

It is a time to take a brief glance at the net worth of the Blue Ivy. The net worth of the parents in around $1 billion. Jay-Z and Beyoncé have bought the house of $88 million to their daughter, Blue Ivy. This house has four swimming pools, a basketball court, and many other rooms. It is one of the most expensive homes in the entire Los Angeles.

It is expected that she will break the records of the Kylie Jenner as her mother decided to trademark her name. Looking at her fashion and style, it is sure that she will create remarkable career in the entertainment industry.


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