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Bjergsen Net Worth

Bjergsen Net Worth 2020

Soren Bjerg is famous by his nickname Bjergsen. He is he the Player of the game League of legends, and he is the mid laner for the Team Solomid. From childhood, he used to love video games and played them for long hours, and from then he got interested in video games. He is the person who has been able to become a millionaire by winning game matches. For checking life, career and net worth of Bjergsen in 2020, you can read this article.

Early Life & Biography

Bjergsen Net Worth 2020

He was born on 21st February in the year 1996 in Holstebro, Denmark. His nationality is Danish as he belongs to Denmark from his childhood. Currently, he is the player of team Solo Mid from which he plays the role of Mid Laner. He is famous for his game League of legends, and he lives in TSM gaming house at present. He has two more brothers from his parents.

Personal Life

Mostly, he plays the game League of legends while sometimes, he also plays the game World of Warcraft, Diablo 2 and Hearthstone and he excels in most of the games.

Career, Awards & Nominations

He got into the world of League of legends in the year 2013, and at that time he was the member of team Copenhagen Wolves. He started playing the Championship series in the European championship. He wasn’t even able to play along with Copenhagen Wolves for three weeks because there were age restrictions for the players in the Riot Games.

At that time, he was also replaced by his team’s other player. When it was his 17th birthday, then he was eligible for playing the games. At that time, he was allowed to join the main lineup again. He started playing the games in LCS matches which were remaining. When he finally got success in Copenhagen Wolves team, then he started playing for Ninjas in Pyjamas.

On 2nd November 2013, he left the team NiP because he wanted to shift to North America. At that time, he joined the team SOloMid and played from their side. He used to play as the mid laner at that time. He was only the second player who had crossed Europe to go to North America LCS. On 23rd January in the year 2014, he violated some rules of LCS because he encouraged a player from Lemondogs team to leave his position.

This was later announced by the Riot games that he has violated some rules, and then he also admitted that he had done the violation of rules and was fined $2000. In the year 2015, NA LCS Spring Split, he also won the award for being the most valuable player on the team. He has been qualified for the world championship of the game League of legends in the year 2015.

Net Worth & Earnings

The net worth of Bjergsen is around $2.5 million which he has accumulated by playing video games. He has also participated in various championships with which he became able to earn a huge amount of money. He used to play a lot of games earlier, and then he focused on his favorite game which was League of Legends.

Bjergsen is a famous person who has become a millionaire by playing games and participating in riot games. He has been able to earn a lot of money by winning in various championships. Now, he plays for the team Solo mid and acts as the Mid Laner. He has been able to convert his love and passion into his way to earn money. He enjoys a lot playing the videos games and also earn huge amount of money with it.


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