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Bill Browder Net Worth

Bill Browder Net Worth 2020

Bill Browder is a renowned American-British financier. He has been known to be the co-founder as well as the CEO of the Hermitage Capital Management which is an investment fund which was the largest foreign portfolio investor at one time in Russia. Being the CEO of this investment fund, made him get much popularity and draw the attention of many people. Here are the complete details about the biography, career and the net worth of Bill Browder in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Bill Browder Net Worth 2020

Bill Browder was born on 23rd April in the year 1964 in Chicago, Illinois with his full name being William Felix Browder. He has a British nationality though he previously belonged to the USA. He was born to a Jewish family in which his parents were known as Felix Browder who was his father and a mathematician together with Eva Tislowitz who was his mother. In addition to this, he has an elder brother known as Thomas Browder who is a professional doctor.

He is associated with his paternal grandfather known as Earl Browder who was a Political Activist in America as well as one of the leaders of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA). Bill Browder later left the American citizenship in the year 1998 so as to evade taxes due to foreign investment. He got a bachelor’s degree from the University of Chicago on economics and masters from the Stanford Business University.

Personal Life

Bill Browder previously married a Russian woman who was known as Melanie Browder in the year 1996. They had one son known as Joshua Browder. They later divorced after three years after which Bill then married another Russian woman known as Elena Browder with whom they have two children.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Bill Browder was very good as well as very intelligent in his education which led him in joining the Boston Consulting Group for Eastern European practice after giving up his American citizenship for the British citizenship in the year 1998. He became one of the founders as well as became the CEO of the Hermitage Capital Management which was one of the largest foreign investment funds in Russia which was an investment advisor till the year 2005.

After the year 2005, he was denied an entry to the country being declared to be a threat of the national security as he was battling against corporate corruption. His offices were then raided by the Russian authorities seizing away the Hermitage Fund Investment companies. In addition to this, they used the companies in stealing $230 million of the taxes paid previously by the companies. Browder’s lawyer known as Sergei Magnitsky after investigating the crime, got arrested by the offices and got tortured for 358 days and later killed while in custody while at the age of 37 years in 2009.

Net Worth & Earnings

Bill Browder has an estimated net worth of somewhere around $5 million. This is from the fortunate earnings he made being a co-founder as well as the CEO of the Hermitage Capital Management. His investment fund was one of the largest in Russia as a foreign investor though it was later seized.

Bill Browder has been faced by many challenges which commenced with being taken as a threat to the national security which led him in being denied access as well as his companies being seized. He lost a lot of his investment, as well as his lawyer, is killed.


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