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AT&T Net Worth

AT&T Net Worth 2020

AT&T is one of the world’s largest multinational companies which headquarter is located in Dallas, at the Whitacre Tower. The company also owns stocks of other companies and it’s now the biggest telecommunications company on earth. You may explore in details below the inception, evolution, achievements and net worth of AT&T in 2020.


AT&T Net Worth 2020

AT&T history and foundation started with the Bell Telephone Company which was founded by Gardiner Greene Hubbard. AT&T (American Telephone and Telegraph Company) was a subsidiary of the company and it was originally found by Alexander Graham Bell. During the early period, the company had a network system called the Bell System with AT&T the leader of the companies after Bell Telephone Company. The group of companies was also called Ma Bell during that times.


The Bell System was broken by the regulators of the United States resulting in the Regional Bell Operating Company, or Baby Bells as some called it. During that period with the break up, other telecommunications company came up and launched competing AT&T including Sprint Corporation and MCI Communications.

In the 1980s and 1990s, the company made various acquisitions including Metromedia along with other cable firms. They also focused on acquiring other telecommunication companies including ones that were a part of the Bells. After the breakup of AT&T Corp, Southwestern Bell Corporation was created along with other companies. In 1995, the company’s name was changed to SBC Communications.

SBC Communications purchased AT&T in 2005 and then adopted its name because its name is quite bigger in the market and better for branding.


AT&T Inc said that they would expand into Latin America countries in 2013 by collaborating with the Mexican telecommunications corporation América Móvil. In 2014, the company bought the Mexican mobile telephone operator, lusacell, which is now known as the AT&T Wireless Mexico. They also purchased NII Holdings and merged the 2 companies in Mexico to creating AT&T Mexico.

AT&T has expanded its market to the max. In 2015, the company purchased the American direct broadcast satellite, DirecTV, and they said that they were planning for AT&T Entertainment during that period. Expanding more, AT&T purchased the multinational mass media and entertainment conglomerate WarnerMedia in 2015. They also own some of the American entertainment company, Lionsgate.

AT&T and all of its companies have been receiving great awards since a while. The most recent award the company received was being named as One of the 2018 FORTUNE 100 Best Companies to Work For.

Net Worth & Earnings:

The American multinational conglomerate company AT&T has an estimated net worth of somewhere more than $210 billion. The company made its wealth of hundreds of billions from the services and products it provides through its companies. AT&T revenue reaches over $100 billion annually.

AT&T is recognized and known as one of the world’s largest and biggest companies. Its services and products range from mobile, TV to the media and even to video games. AT&T is a global company which will always receive awards for its achievements.


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