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Antonio Esfandiari Net Worth

Antonio Esfandiari Net Worth 2020

Antonio Esfandiari or better known as the magician and is famous for his poker championships. The former magician is well known for his chip tricks and this has made him a professional poker player. Due to his vast popularity amongst youngsters, Antonio Esfandiari appeared on multiple television shows.

He has also won two world Poker Tour championships and three World Series of Poker bracelets in his poker career. Not only this, he is also philanthropic. He has helped the one drop foundation by winning the ‘Big One for One Drop’ in the year 2012. Let us check out the net worth of Antonio Esfandiari in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Antonio Esfandiari Net Worth 2020

Antonio Esfandiari was born on 8 December 1978 in Iran and thus he was born with an Iranian nationality. Originally, Antonio Esfandiari was born with the birth name as ‘Amir Esfandiari’. Antonio Esfandiari was born to father ‘Bejan Esfandiari’ though Antonio’s mother’s name is still unknown to us. Antonio has grown up along with his other sibling ‘Pasha Esfandiari’ who was a poker player by profession.

At the age of only 9, Antonio along with his parents have moved to the city of California in the United States. Antonio Esfandiari did his schooling from the ‘Del Mar High School’ in the year 1997. At a very early age, Antonio has developed an urge to become a magician with his hidden skill and talent. He then decided to change his original name ‘Amir’ to the magician name ‘Antonio’.

Personal Life

Antonio Esfandiari got hitched to ‘Amal Bounahra’ who was the daughter of the popular and well-known poker ‘Badih Bounahra’. The couple together has one child.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Antonio Esfandiari has started his professional career with Poker and significantly participated in various Poker games and events. This has eventually fetched him the ‘World Poker Tour Title’ at the L.A. Poker Classic. Next, Antonio participated at the ‘Poker Superstars Invitational Tournament’.

Again in 2008, Antonio appeared for the ‘EPT Grand Finale’. After two years, Antonio participated at the ‘2012 World Series of Poker Europe’. In addition to this, Antonio has also made television appearances in TV shows such as ‘I Bet You’, ‘Freelancers’, ‘Ultimate Poker: Strip Magic’, and many others.

Antonio Esfandiari has been awarded in the history of poker a cash prize of $18,346,673. In addition to this, Antonio Esfandiari has also won the ‘World Poker Tour Title’.

Net Worth & Earnings

Antonio Esfandiari along with his wife ‘Amal Boundhra’ has recently purchased a lavish home in California and also in Venice which has an estimated worth of $3.5 million. The total estimated net worth of Antonio Esfandiari is about $22 million approximately.

The poker strategy game author, Antonio Esfandiari authored the famous book on poker namely ‘The Magician’s Secrets for Winning Tournaments on Insta Poker’ available on IOS. This only shows his innate in-depth knowledge in the field of gambling. His elaborate tricks and hand maneuver has made him vastly popular amongst the youth. We can also proudly say that Antonio Esfandiari is the true example of the famous saying, ‘If you chase your passion, success will chase you back’.