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American Pickers Net Worth 2023, Wiki, Members Name, Individual Earnings

American Pickers Net Worth 2020

American Pickers is a famous reality television series telecasted in the History channel. American Pickets was produced by A&E Television Network while joining with Cineflix Media. The show reveals about the collectible pickers Frank and Mike who usually travels to different places in the United States to find different items to get good money for its resale value. Keep reading to know more about the net worth of American Pickers in 2023.


American Pickers
American Pickers

American Pickers was started on January 18, 2010, and was promoted in the History Channel. The show was produced by A&E television and the Cineflix media also involved spreading the series all around.


American Pickers was started to provide the telecast of Mike and Frank who travels to different places of the U.S. to pick precious things of ancient times and get money for its resale value. They started their travel from Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van, and recently they travel from Ford Transit. All the offices of their business run by Colby and they mostly visit Nashville. Fritz also sold his acquisitions in his shop and also provides it online through his website.

They also go on the road and find the items from unique places where the engagement of people is less. Sometimes, they didn’t get anything and just go back with unnecessary things. Almost three seasons are completed and the fourth season has been started while having a portion in italics. They also commented about their work that “we are finding useful things that are unique and belongs to the ancient period. Sometimes, we have to go inside the garbage and select the best from the waste.”

Fran and Mike also exposed the people who kept precious things in different areas of homes. They are called casual collectors and collected mostly junk apparent. Wolfe always loves to find items of motorcycles of precious times and Fritz loved to pick antique toys, old Hondas. They also purchased commercial signage and old advertisements and a gasoline pump for 15 gallons.

In 2011, they provided detail about Antique Archaeology who has formed a car factory in 1914 in Tennessee, and produced Marathon automobile to overcome the distance which was required to haul the find in the southern area. The debut of the series was done in 2010, and the episodes have received about 2.1 million viewers which made him as the highest-rated History Channel of that time. Later, their channel has crossed 5 million views and got the first position for non-fiction series.

Net worth and Earnings of American Pickers in 2023

American Pickers Net Worth
American Pickers Net Worth

American Pickers has made an estimated net worth of about $10 million as of 2023. Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz both have a net worth of $4 million each and Danielle Colby Cushman has an estimated net worth of about $2 million. Their earning has been generated from the series and earned great revenue from the lease three episodes. Their work is adventurous and to find ancient things for a good price. Moreover, their series has helped him to earn million-dollar earnings so far.

American Pickers series was started in 2010 and completed three seasons and working on the fourth season. Their series are non-fictional and also viewed a million times and considered as a most-viewed show on the History channel. They also roam in restricted areas to get something unique for getting the huge resale value of it.


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