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Alaskan Bush People Net Worth

Alaskan Bush People Net Worth 2020

It is the story of a Brown family that resides in Alaska where they move around building temporary houses. The family amazingly operate on the barter system. The show has been aired on discovery channel. This show has been going on for six seasons until now and has a huge fan following internationally. Below is a close review of the net worth of Alaskan Bush People in 2020.


Alaskan Bush People Net Worth 2020

The theme of the show revolves around the challenges the Brown family encounters after the house they were living in was burned down. The cause of it been burned was the basic fact that they were residing on public land. After that, they were forced to move around Alaska, in turn building temporary houses and using old techniques. After exhausting the resources in a particular area, they would go on to set up another place in a completely different place.

The show became so popular around the globe especially because it showed how a family is living in an ancient background while the real world out there is modern. The show has since aired for six seasons with a total of 61 episodes. It includes the story of Billy, Amy and their seven children, two girls and a total of five boys.


The show premiered in 2014 and continued for the next three years until 2017. The first and second seasons had five and nine episodes respectively followed by eleven in third and ten in the fourth. Season five and six had thirteen episodes each. Currently, they are in the seventh season episode seven.

A 2014 investigation by the revenue department of Alaska proved that Brown had lied about their staying in Alaska and that they were living outside. They were found guilty of lying. On the show, they were depicted as struggling, including the whole community. Instead of giving up this served as motivation to take their fight to the next stage. They went to different locations running for their lives which led them to find new tactics to survive in places with extreme temperatures.

The experiences in this show are so real depicting the journey the family has taken to handle different kinds of situations, including putting their lives on the line. They have endured it all and come out even stronger than before. They have even gone to the extent of developing their language for communication.


The family has established their community and starting the work of transportation where they provide their services to the people who would later prove to be of help to them. This has been so vital in that they have ended up improving their living conditions.

Although the show does not have major awards in its history, it has endured a successful era. They have been able to not only bring their life to light, their experiences in Alaska but to also create a new whole community with a culture matched to none other. Their ability to completely change the condition of their lives is a greater reward that they could not have anticipated.

Net Worth & Earnings

Over the course of this show, they have been able to realize a net worth of $65 million. This value has recently raised speculation that the figure could be higher.it is also impressive considering that they started from the very bottom. Billy has also written two books which have generated considerable revenue for this family.

This is an inspiring story altogether as this family has endured a lot but have remained together throughout even during their worst. They hold family values that modern families struggle to achieve. They have served as an inspiration to many families out there in the world. With the future looking bright for this family, there is a lot more to look forward to.