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Al Capone Net Worth

Al Capone Net Worth 2020

Al Capone who has sometimes been known as ‘Scarface’ was a very renowned gangster and a businessman who was able to attain notoriety during Prohibition era as the co-founder and also the Boss of the Chicago Outfit. His reign as the crime boss would come to an end when he was just thirty-three years. His reign as a crime boss extended for seven years. Keep on reading to learn more on the net worth of Al Capone in the year 2019.

Early Life & Biography

Al Capone Net Worth 2020

Al Capone was conceived in the year 1899 on January 17th. The parents were immigrants of Italian Ancestry, and they were Gabriele Capone and Teresa Capone. The father used to work as a barber while the mother was working as a seamstress, both in the Angri. The parents had a total of nine children.

The family came to the United States after migrating to Austria-Hungary in the year 1893. From Port City, they would travel via a ship to the US, and they first settled at 95 Navy Street. The father was working at a nearby barbershop at 29 Park Avenue. When he was just eleven years old, that was when the family moved to Brooklyn.

Personal Life

Capone got married to Mae Josephine at the age of nineteen years in the year 1918. She had Irish Nationality and at the beginning of the month gave birth to the son, Albert Capone. During that time, he was below 21 years, and the parents had to sign for him in writing to marry. He served in jail twice, and in the year 1932, he got imprisoned in Atlanta Penitentiary.

He was weighing 110 kilograms when he was diagnosed with syphilis and gonorrhea. The jail term in the Alcatraz finished in the year 1939. After this, he was later transferred to Federal Correctional Institution at California. In the year 1939, that was when he was paroled

Career, Awards, & Nominations

In the beginning, he was heavily involved with small gangs such as Bowery Boys and the Junior Forty Thieves. He later would join Five Points Gang that was very powerful before later he joined the five points gang that was so much power and then got to be based in the Lower Manhattan. Also, he joined a member of Brooklyn Rippers. The man who was his mentor, as well as the boss, was working as a bartender at the Harvard Inn.

During one of the days that he was working, Al hurled insults to a woman, and as a result of his brother, Frank Gallucio got to slash his face, and this was where his nickname, Scarface originated from. Later on, that was when he left Chicago and became a promoter of boxing that made him appear in very many newspapers. When he was aged twenty-six years old, that was when the leadership of the organization. After taking over, he was in charge of illegal breweries and also the transportation network to Canada, Luckily for him, the protection was guaranteed.

Net Worth & Earnings

The net worth of Al Capone was estimated to be over $100 million. He generated this money from his illegal business as he was working as a gangster. Also, he also worked as a bouncer in the organized crime premises. He would rise to become boss of Chicago Outfit. He was able to serve in this position for seven years, and this is when his wealth increased greatly.

Al Capone was a very famous gangster, and many people feared even the mention his name. He has been remembered for St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. This event would later on turn to be the downfall, and he got to be diagnosed within its last stage.


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