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Tim Armstrong Net Worth

Tim Armstrong Net Worth 2020

To many music fans in America, the name Tim Armstrong is a household name. he is a musician, songwriter, singer, actor, and producer. He is known by many people as the guitarist/singer of the ‘Rancid’ rock music group. Here is a quick summary of the net worth, career and earnings of Tim Armstrong in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Tim Armstrong Net Worth 2020

He was born November 25, 1965, as Timothy Ross Armstrong in California, the United States of America. His father was Don Armstrong, passed away at the age of 81, in June 2012. He attained his early education from Albany Middle School and later joined Albany High School. At an early age, he played the Little League Baseball in California, where he met Matt Freeman, with whom they later formed a band.

Personal Life

In 1997, Tim got married to Brody Dalle, who was a musician. The two had met and started dating back in 1995 when Brody was 16 years old. Their union, however, did not last for very long and they divorced in 2003.

The couple had a very nasty break -up as Brody said that Tim was very controlling. She also accused him and his friends of blacklisting her in the in the music industry. Tim, on the other hand, accused Brody of using him to get to America. He also claimed that she used his status to help her form a band.

Career, Awards, & Nominations

Tim’s career kicked off with the formation of the band ‘Basic Radio,’ in 1985. The band which comprised of Tim and Matt Freeman, never released any albums. They just recorded demos, and the band broke up after only two years.

In 1992, Tim became a member of the ‘Rancid’ band and this is the time he experienced most success in his career. Some of the songs that they released include ‘Radio, Radio, Radio’, ‘Indestructible,’ ‘Life Won’t Wait,’ ‘Let’s Go,’ among others. The band has a total of nine albums to its name.

Armstrong’s solo album, titled ‘A Poet’s Life’ was released in 2007. He was backed by ‘The Aggrolites’ band. A track from that album entitled ‘In Action’ became a big hit. It was the most requested and played song on XM Satellite Radio in 2007.

Tim co-wrote and produced 8 songs on ‘Try This’ album by Pink. He has also worked with different artists in the span of his career. He has a total of three solo albums so far. In the film industry, Tim has not been left behind. He produced films like ‘Punk’s Not Dead,’ ‘Larry is Dead,’ ‘Give ‘Em the Boot,’ among others. He has also acted in ‘The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things’ and ‘The X-Files.’

Tim Armstrong might never have won many accolades, but for sure, he has won the hearts of his millions of fans over the years. Maybe in the future, he will be able to win accolades as well.

Net Worth & Earnings

The estimated net worth of this multitalented personality is $15 million. He has gotten this wealth from his diverse career. The sale of his albums, film directing and producing, writing songs as well as acting. He is still active in his career and this means his value might increase in the future.

Tim Armstrong can be termed as a multitalented person. He has made a name for himself in different areas in the music business. He has also made a good impression in the film industry. He was able to overcome his addiction to substances and made a comeback to a successful career. His fans are always waiting for good entertainment from him.


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