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Tay Zonday Net Worth

Tay Zonday Net Worth 2020

Adam Nyerere Bahner is famous with his named Tay Zonday who is a well-known musician, singer, actor, comedian and voice artist also. He earns a huge amount of money by working as a YouTube personality. He is famous for his bass singing voice, and he got recognition for his song, Chocolate Rain. His video got viral at that time, and it has 117 million views now. To know about the net worth of Tay Zonday in 2020, you can read this article ahead.

Early Life & Biography

Tay Zonday Net Worth 2020

He was born on 21st May in the year 1982 in Minneapolis in Minnesota. He is a half American-African descent. He is the youngest of all three children of his parents. Both of his parents were teachers, and he has completed his graduation in the year 2004 from Evergreen State College. He used to go to Illinois Mathematics Academy. He dropped out of graduation later on and decided to study theater.

Personal Life

He hasn’t said anything about his personal life because he has been a YouTube sensation who wasn’t much known among the people. He keeps his private life secret from the media and people. He is more focused on his musical career than revealing his personal secrets to the people. He had a nice childhood, and he always wanted to work in the music and entertainment world. AT first, he enrolled himself in the Mathematics academy, but he was interested in theater and then took admission for studying theater.

Career, Awards & Nominations

His song, Chocolate rain has released a movie on 22nd April in the year 2007. In the year 2007, he was a graduate student in the Minneapolis in Minnesota. He has also made appearances on the national television. He performed his song on the YouTube channel, and he also won the award in the music category in the year 2008. He has also appeared on various TV shows with the help of which gained huge recognition

Net Worth & Earnings

The net worth of Tay Zonday is around $1 million which he has earned by working as a musician, singer, voice artist and comedian. He is also a YouTube personality with which he earns a decent amount of money. He has appeared on several TV shows but hasn’t won any awards till now.

Tay Zonday is a person who started a musical career from his YouTube channel, and he wasn’t much known to the people till he released his song titled Chocolate Rain on YouTube in the year 2007. His song got viral, and he was able to win awards for his song. After this, he got roles in various TV shows, but he hasn’t appeared on any movie yet. As his parents were teachers, he was a disciplined kid and so is he now. He hasn’t been involved in any kind of controversies till now. He is a person who has been able to remain silent and awesome personality. He might gain more success in the coming years because of his music and acting talent.


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