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Stephen Pearcy Net Worth

Stephen Pearcy Net Worth 2020

Stephen Pearcy is a popular American musician who has been well known as the founder of a heavy metal band which is known as Ratt. In this band, he is both a singer as well as a songwriter. In addition to this, he has also founded other many bands such as Mickey Ratt and Ratt Arcade, Vicious Delite, Firedome, Vertex as well as crystal Pystal. He has also been featured in television shows and movies as an actor. Now, let’s have a close look at the net worth of Stephen Pearcy in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Stephen Pearcy Net Worth 2020

Stephen Pearcy was born on 3rd July in the year 1959 in Long Beach, California in which he was known as Stephen Eric Pearcy. During his early days, he aspired to become a car driver of a top fuel race and had no desire in getting to music. He got hit by a hit and run driver while he was on a bike in 1970 and got hospitalized for 6 months through which he was given a guitar to be playing with. This was his turn around of his interest in which he then decided to get out of driving race cars to the playing of music.

Personal Life

Stephen Pearcy tied knots with Melissa Reigel in the year 1999. They together have one daughter who is known as Jewel Pearcy. He was previously in a relationship with Wendy, Yvonne Simon, and Fiona together with Britta from 1986 to 1989.

Career, Awards & Nominations

On commencing on his music career, Stephen Pearcy founded a band known as Firedome. This was then followed by a band known as Crystal Pystal after which he then formed the ‘Mickey Ratt’ which was the shorted in the year 1981 to ‘Ratt.’ Together with Ratt, they released the eponymous EP in the year 1983 which was released on Time Cost Communications.

This band then released another debut studio album in 1984 known as ‘Out of the Cellar’ that was released on Atlantic Records. It became a great success and following this; they then released another album known as ‘Invasion of Your Privacy’ in the year 1985 which was also a success.

After this, they released ‘Dancing Undercover’ in 1986 followed by Reach for the Sky in 1988 and then later in 1990 released ‘Detonator.’ After this, he then released an album known as ‘Infestation’ in 2010. His band has three compilation albums, two video albums with several singles. He has personally released some albums such as the Arcade, and A/2 with a band known as Arcade, Vicious Delite with Vicious Delite band among other.

On his solo career, he released an album known as Social Intercourse in 2002, Fueler in 2006 together with Stripped and Under My Skin in 2008. The recent album is in 2017 which is known as Smash. He has made much achievement through releasing many albums with his bands especially the Ratt band.

Net Worth & Earnings

Stephen Pearcy has an estimated net worth of $13 million. This comes from the fortunate earnings he has made on his different bands which have given him the main source of his income. Most of his albums have been certified by Multi-platinum and platinum which he has released with Ratt. In addition to this, he also has some solo albums among being the owner of Top Fuel Records.

Being one of the most successful musicians, Stephen’s contribution to the music industry cannot be forgotten, and he remains to influence the industry in a very great way.


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