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Rick Nielsen Net Worth

Rick Nielsen Net Worth 2020

We are all gifted differently and our gifts if well natured are able to open great doors for us and lead us to our destiny. At the same time, our background determines a lot what we will become in future. Rick Nielsen is one gifted person who natured his gifting and made it his career to date. Let’s read more to learn about Rick Nielsen’s net worth in 2020.

Early Life & Background

Rick Nielsen Net Worth 2020

Rick Nielsen was born Richard Alan Nielsen on 22nd December 1948 in Elmhurst, Illinois, United States. Rick Nielsen was born in a musical family as both his parents were opera singers. His father Ralph Nielsen recorded over 40 solo albums, directed choirs and also symphonies. Rick’s family had a music store in Rockford and he learned to play several instruments from the store. He learned to play drums for six years but later changed to playing guitar and keyboards.

Nielsen joined a number of bands when he was in high school including; The Phaetons, The Grim Reapers, the Nazz, Cheap Trick among others. He also formed a personal band he titled Sick Man of Europe in 1972 but it didn’t last long.

Personal Life

Nielsen is a married man. He has been married to his wife Karen for a number of years now. The two have also been blessed with four children but only two are well-known a son (Miles Nielsen) and a daughter (Scarlett Nielsen) who are both grownups. Miles is a father of one while the other three also have families of their own. The four kids live in the same neighborhood with their children.

Nielsen and Karen have been married for more than 30 years now as they officiated their union in 1969. He loves Rockford and although most of his friends moved to Los Angeles he feels life there is too expensive for no reason.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Nielsen has made countless radio broadcasts and TV appearances on music shows over the years with his band Cheap Trick. He has appeared on a number of music shows around the world and American late night shows. Other than working with Cheap Trick, he has also been featured in a number of movies which include; The Big One, American Pickers, Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me among others.

Between 2013 to date, Rick has appeared on a number of TV shows and documentaries the most famous ones being; Not My Job, Sound City, CBS’s Late Show hosted by David Letterman and Live from Daryl’s House.

Net Worth & Earnings

Rick Nielsen has an estimated net worth of $25 million. He works as a lead guitarist, primary songwriter, and background vocalist of their rock band known as Cheap Trick. He is also known as a designer of his own guitars which has seen him work with other artists as a guitarist.

Other than working with Cheap Trick, Rick has also worked with many other artists on their albums. Some of these artists are; Glen Campbell, The 666 Shooters, John Lennon, The Yardbirds, Hall & Oates among others. This has also contributed to his current net worth.