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Randy Meisner Net Worth

Randy Meisner Net Worth 2020

Known as the founder of Eagles, Randy Meisner is a retired musician from the United States. He is a successful bassist who was active in his career till 2008. His success is synonymous with the success of Eagles in the 1970s. The hit song of the Eagles “Take It to the Limit”, was co-written by him. Meisner has also released his own music and with the band Poco. Now let’s have a close look on the net worth of Randy Meisner in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Randy Meisner Net Worth 2020

The son of Emilie and Herman Meisner, Randall Herman Meisner was, born in 1946 in the state of Nebraska. But he was not the only child in the family. He also had a sister, Carol, but she passed away in 2005. He was raised in a musical family, as father used to teach violin and his mother always used to sing at home.

While still a student at the Scottsbluff High School, Meisner used to grow corn, sugar beets, beans, and alfalfa. He developed a passion for music after he was a performance by Elvis Presley. But he was inspired to music by Motown. He also had an imposter by the name of Lewis Peter Morgan.

Personal Life

Coming to the personal profile of Randy Meisner, he was first married to Jennifer Lee Barton. They are the parents of Dana Scott, Eric Shane, and Heather Leigh. After divorcing Barton in 1981, he married Lana Rae in 1996. Rae died in 2016 after accidentally shooting herself. In the 1960s, Reisner has suffered from alcohol abuse. He has received medical attention several times in the 2010s.

Career, Award & Nominations

When Eagles was formed in 1971, Randy Meisner served as the band’s bass guitarist. Their self-titled album was released in the following year. In 1975, the band released ‘One of These Nights’, which received a Grammy nomination. The single “Lyin’ Eyes” made the group won the Grammy Award. In 1976, the band released the heavily successful ‘Hotel California’. This made Meisner won two Grammy Awards.

He remained with the Eagles until 1977. Meisner has also been a bassist and vocalist of another band called Poco. He was with them before Eagles were formed. Their album ‘Legacy’ became available from September 1989. It is not that, Meisner has only been affiliated with bands, he has also released music as a solo performer. His eponymous album was released in 1978. It was followed by six other albums.

The very talented Randy Meisner has released many hit songs with the Eagles and has also released singles as a solo performer. He has featured many times as a vocalist for Eagles in their hit singles. To further add, he has also written many of their songs, which became some of their greatest hits. The success of Meisner also made him a featured performer for various other artists.

Net Worth & Earnings

Wondering how much net worth does a person has who sold millions of albums with the band Eagles? Their albums were certified platinum and even diamond. Despite not being active in his profession, the musician has been able to amass a net worth of over $18 million. His superb career made him make good money that he is still a multi-millionaire despite retiring from his profession. The iconic bassist as well as a vocalist from Nebraska have also ventured into other profession and have created his own line of fashion and his own brand of perfume. He is the highest paid musician and that is the reason for his very attractive net worth.

With a passion for music, Randy has lived a very wonderful life. He is an influential person who is still known for his contribution to music particularly with the Eagles.