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Paul Stanley Net Worth

Paul Stanley Net Worth 2020

Music is one key in life that brings peace and comfort in ones heart any time of the day. It is even more entertaining and fulfilling to listen to music that is well done by a passionate person who is fully sold to their career. Paul Stanley is a unique musician who has become a darling to many over the years. Below is deeper research of the early life and net worth of Paul Stanley in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Paul Stanley Net Worth 2020

Paul Stanley was born Stanley Bert Eisen on 20th January 1952 and he hails from upper Manhattan which is located near Broadway and 211th Street. Both of Paul’s parents are Jewish and he is the second born or rather the last born in a family of two. Paul and his sister Julia were raised as Jewish but they were not so committed to the religion.

His parents loved light opera and classical music and Stanley was really amazed by Beethoven’s works. Although Stanley had a deformed ear, he loved listening to music and watching American Bandstand on television. He studied in New York in the High School of Music and Art and graduated in 1970. He was very good at graphic arts but he abandoned this career to play in bands.

Personal Life

Paul Stanley married Pamela Brown in early 90’s and the two were blessed Evan Shane Stanley on 6th of June 1994. Their marriage however lasted for only nine years and Pamela filed for a divorce in 2001. However, on 19th November 2005, Stanley tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend Erin Sutton. The couple was blessed with a son Colin Michael Stanley who was born on 6th September 2006. On 28th January 2009, they were blessed with a daughter Sarah Brianna. And on 9th August 2011 they received their second daughter and a third born in the family Emily Grace.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Paul started off his music career by joining a number of local bands some of which were: ‘Rainbow’, ‘Wicked Lester and Rolling Stone. Stanley with his band Kiss managed to release their first album in February 1974. Stanley played a very major role in the success of ‘The Kiss’ as a band with his ‘Starchild’ persona.

Stanley’s music career has a lot to do with his performance in Kiss as a band. Although he wrote and released some material as a solo artist between 1987 and 1988, he shelved it to support what was released by Kiss. Although he has never officially launched some of his single release like; ‘When Two Hearts Collide’, and ‘Don’t Let Go’, the songs have circulated as bootleg recordings.

Stanley is a gifted singer and has received several awards since he started performing in public. Some of the awards he has received include: Classic Rock Awards awarded him with Showman of the Year in 2008. One Live Kiss awarded him with Classic Gold Telly Award in 2009. In 2014, Paul along with original Kiss members in 2014 got inducted famous Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Net Worth & Earnings

Paul Stanley is among the richest artist with an estimated net worth of $165 million and above. Much of his earnings majorly come from his music career. However, Stanley is a great actor and has appeared in several television shows and films which include: Phantom of the Opera, musical and many more.

After abandoning his painting career for more than 10 years, he took some time off the music field and went back to painting in 2006. He started drawing and selling his original works of art before going back to music again. Stanley has remained a great inspiration to many and has proved that any dream is achievable as long as you are committed to it.


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