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Nick Mason Net Worth

Nick Mason Net Worth 2020

Nicholas Berkeley Mason a.k.a. Nick Mason is an England based Drummer. He got his recognition after becoming a founding member of the popular band Pink Floyd. He is the only member of Pink Floyd who has featured in all the albums of this band and also the only member since the starting date of the band. He has also competed in motor racing events. Now, let’s have a close look at the net worth of Nick Mason in the year 2019.

Early Life and Biography

Nick Mason Net Worth 2020

Nick was born on January 27, 1944, in Birmingham, England. His father, Bill Mason was a documentary film director and producer. Nick, with his father, has shifted to Hampstead, London. He has completed his studies in Hall school, Hampstead. Later for graduation, he joined Regent Street Polytechnic University, where he met with Roger Waters, Richard, and Bob Klose in the year 1964.

His interest in Rock music started during his college days. He formed a small orchestra group, in which he was a drummer. Later in Pink Floyd, he continued playing the drums, which has helped him to become popular.

Personal Life

Nick’s first wife was Lindy Rutter. This couple had two daughters Holly and Chloe. Lindy was a successful player in woodwind. She had performed with a flute on ‘The Grand Vizier’s Garden Party’. This couple got divorced in the late 1980’s. Later Nick got married to Nettie, who was known for her adjudication acting on the 2nd Series of Treasure Hunt in the year 1984. They were blessed with two sons Guy and Cary. Nick’s favourite hobby was motor racing, for which he thought of spending the major time to pursue it. He also owns some racing and antique cars. He has also taken part in “24 Hours of Le Mans”.

Career, Awards, and Nominations

His career in Music started during his college days. His career took a major turn after he formed the band, Pink Floyd. A band called “Nick’s Boogie” was named after him after being inspired by his songs. Later, there was dispute began in the ownership of the band Pink Floyd after Waters left the band in the year 1985. This dispute lasted for almost seven years and ended on good terms between Nick and Waters. In one of the interviews, Nick mentioned that Pink Floyd has never been disbanded officially.

Net worth and Earnings

Nick Mason has a total estimated net worth of $170 million. His band Pink Floyd has contributed so much to build his fortune. Other than this, Nick has invested in the various real state, which has also helped him made a lot of money. Nick had a great collection of racing cars.

Nick was one of the best drummers in England. Not only money but also a huge fan following which his band has helped him earn. He has a lot of followers on the social media platform. He has dealt with all the ups and down in his career, but never stopped following his dreams.