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Michael Nesmith Net Worth

Michael Nesmith Net Worth 2020

Michael Nesmith is a popular multitalented American musician. He was a member of the popular music band The Monkees. He is a songwriter, a businessman, and an actor. He was part of the TV series The Monkees. Michael is the recipient of the Grammy Award. To know more about the net worth of Michael Nesmith in 2020, read the following article.

Early Life & Biography

Michael Nesmith Net Worth 2020

Michael was born on 30th December 1942 in Huston, Texas. His parents divorced when he was only four. He lived with his mother in Dallas. His mother is the inventor of the Liquid Paper used in typewriters. She opened a company named Liquid Paper Corporation, and the company turned into a million dollar company.

Michael did his schooling from Dallas public school system. He began writing poetry in his childhood. After schooling, he joined US Air Force. Two years later, he was discharged, and he went to San Antonio College. That is where he started writing songs, and became a singer for various folk clubs.

Personal Life

During his college days, he met Phyllis Barbour, and the couple fell in love. In 1964, they got married, and moved to Los Angeles so that Michael could pursue his singing career. They had two sons but Michael’s third son was born to Nurit Wilde who he met while working with the band The Monkees. Phyllis did not file for a divorce quite unexpected, and the couple had their third child. But two years later, the couple fell apart and divorced in 1972.

In 1976, Michael married his girlfriend Kathryn Bild. But in 1988, they divorced, and Michael moved on to Victoria Kennedy. She was his girlfriend for almost a decade before getting married in 2000. The married did not last as they got separated in 2011.

Career, Awards, & Nomination

Michael’s recording career started in 1963. He was the part of pop-rock band The Monkees from 1965 to 70. This was the time when he got popular as he got considerable TV time. He played the part of a single, songwriter, and composer during his stay with the band. He started his solo career after exit the band. Michael became a pioneer in the country rock music industry.

As far his acting career goes, he was part of TV programs like PopClips, Elephant Parts, and various other short-lived series. He has been the executive producer of various cult films. He expressed with writing skills by writing a few novels. He still continues to record his own music. He is mostly into Europe tours at present.

Michael is a winner of the Grammy Award for Music Video category in 1982. During his college days, he won San Antonio College Talent Award. He also won Best Screenplay Award in Fanta Festival back in 1983. He is also the recipient of the Warren Skaaren Lifetime Achievement Award in 2010.

Net Worth & Earnings

How much net worth do you expect from a person with nearly 5 decades of being in the music industry? He has a net worth of over $60 million. The main source of income was during the peak of his career when he was with The Monkees and did solo recordings. He learned a lot of endorsements, TV acts, and producing cult films. Even his novels and audio books did well. It is safe to say that he made the most out of his multiple talents.

Even though he is 75 years of age, Michael still has the same passion for music and songwriting as he had when he started. He had a reunion with the Monkees band in 2010 and has done various cameos in films. For the last few years, he has been on world tour music performance with his former band members.


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