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Maurice Starr Net Worth

Maurice Starr Net Worth 2020

Maurice Starr is a renowned American songwriter and who has gained much popularity through his music career. He commenced his music career which did not get much success. Following the failure of his career, he then decided to collaborate with several souls and pop bands which brought him to much of his success. He has worked with several bands which include; New Kids on the Block, Con Funk Shun together with New Edition among many other bands. Here is a quick summary on the career, earnings and the net worth of Maurice Starr in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Maurice Starr Net Worth 2020

Maurice Starr was born in the year 1953 in Deland, Florida with his full name being Lawrence Curtis Johnson. He was born to a middle-class family through which he got raised by his parents in his birthplace. Maurice did his schooling as well as further graduation in Florida.

He got much of his inspiration through several singers during his childhood through listening to them. Following his increased interest, he then commenced playing musical instruments at a very young age. His parents also encouraged him in keeping the hard work and see his dream come true.

Personal Life

Maurice Starr has kept his personal life to be very secretive in which he has not shared it on his profile. He is neither gay nor bisexual though he has not been known who he has dated previously.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Maurice Starr commenced his music career in the 1970s in which he joined ‘The Johnson Brothers’ and worked with them. Before he got his popularity, he then changed his name from Johnson to being called Maurice Starr. Together with this band, they released two albums known as Spacey Lady together with Flaming Starr though these albums did not become a success. Following this, he then made a decision to form his own band and release the songs he had composed.

He then formed his band in the year 1982 which was known as New Edition through which he then released his first lead single known as Candy Girl which was in his album known as Candy Girl. This became a great success and topped the charts. After this, he then created another band known as New Kids on the Block which included six teenagers’ brothers that included Jonathan Knight, Jordan Knight, Donnie Wahlberg, Danny Wood, Joey McIntyre and Maurice Starr. This band released a hit single known as Cool it Now in the year 1984 making it get much popularity. in addition to this, he has also worked with other artists such as Tommy Page, Ana, Rick Wes among many other artists and written several songs.

Net Worth & Earnings

Maurice Starr has an estimated net worth of $12 million. This comes from the fortunes he has made through working with several bands which he has formed. The main source of his income is from the songs as well as the album which have gained much success and topped the charts in most places.

With no doubt, the dream of Maurice Starr came true in which he has had much success in his music career. He has been known to work with several bands as well as several music artists who have led to much success in his career.


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