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Matt Skiba Net Worth

Matt Skiba Net Worth 2020

Traits of leadership can be expressed in any career and at any age. When it comes to talents like acting and singing, there are those who are called to lead the rest. Matt Skiba is one of the gifted singers who is not only a singer and songwriter but also a vocalist. In this article, we are going to look at the biography and net worth of Matt Skiba in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Matt Skiba Net Worth 2020

Matt Skiba was born Matthew Thomas Skiba on 24th February 1976 in Chicago. At the age of three, his family moved from Chicago to McHenry, Illinois, US. His father (Thomas Skiba) works in Crystal Lake as an oral surgeon while his mum (Joan Skiba) works at Woods Creek Elementary School located in Crystal Lake, Illinois as a teacher of 4th and 5th graders. Matt is the only boy in a family of three.

Matt joined Chicago Columbia College where he studied design. However, he left in 1996 before graduating and formed Alkaline Trio with bassist Rob Doran and drummer Glenn Porter. The band kicked off and started recording songs immediately.

Personal Life

Matt is a vegan and he also practices Transcendental Meditation according to the information recorded during an interview with AOL Interface. Although nothing much is known about his personal life, it is clear that he was once married but he is now divorced. The reason for dissolving his marriage is however, not known to date. Matt and Fat Mike of NOFX-fame are great friends as he was the best man at his wedding.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Matt Skiba started his singing career in the Alkaline Trio band. The band recorded their first demo and the single titled “Sundials” which was then followed by “For Your Lungs Only”. After releasing these two songs, Doran left the group and was replaced by Dan Andriano as their bass guitarist. The new band released their full-length debut titled “Goddamnit” in 1998 which was followed by an album they titled “ Maybe I’ll Catch Fire” released in 2000.

After these two songs, they released a number of songs which include; Good Morning, Agony and Irony, This Addiction, My Shame Is True among many others. In 2015, Skiba left the Alkaline Trio band and joined Blink-182. He was officially announced as a member of Blink-182 in March 2015 and he appeared on their “California” album release that was done on 1st July 2016.

Net Worth & Earnings

Matt Skiba has an estimated net worth of $4 million. Although he has spent much of his time performing and singing in bands, and this has earned him the higher percentage of his net worth, he has also been able to do a number of single albums which have also to some extent contributed to its rise.

Matt Skiba’s passion in music started when he was a young boy when he started playing piano in drums. However, he switched to guitar in 1996 and he has since then concentrated on playing guitar. He released his first solo in 2001 and the second was released in 2002. Since then, he has been able to do a number of solos but he thrives well in bands.


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