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Kurt Cobain Net Worth

Kurt Cobain Net Worth 2020

Kurt Cobain was one of the well-known American songwriters and well as a singer. He had gained much fame from one of the best bands which were formed by him was known as Nirvana. He faced a difficult time in his youth after his parents had separated but had already shown his artistic traits during his childhood. His success had been greatly attributed to Nirvana which signed with the Geffen Records. His personal life ragged behind due to his addiction to drugs which had led to many family and health issues. Today, let’s learn more about the career, biography, and net worth of Kurt Cobain in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Kurt Cobain Net Worth 2020

Kurt Cobain was born on 20th February in the year 1967 and later died on 5th April in the year 1994. His death resulted from suicide he did after a great struggle with heroin addiction, depression and chronic health issues which gave him a difficult moment in his life. Kurt was born in a town known as Aberdeen in Washington and was born to his father Donald Leland Cobain and his father, Wendy Elizabeth.

He got much of the interest in music at a very tender age in his life as he had a music background from his family. With the increase in passion for music at his tender age, he began singing and playing the piano while at the age of four. Much of his mentorship came from Ramones and Electric Light.

His parents separated that made him have a character of an introvert from which he would visit his mother on weekends, but the rest of time he used to stay with his father which made him get more depressed as he would see his mother suffer due to the abusive second husband. This greatly affected his personal life. Due to this, it is believed that he got into drugs for this case and also made him get a weird behavior towards his other youths in the school.

Personal Life

Kurt Cobain started dating Tracy Marander whom he began living within Olympia in the year 1987. Tracy Marander then gave up due to the increasing intensity of the drug addiction of Cobain which led to their separation. Cobain later started a rocker in 1990 known as Courtney Love who they met at Oregon in Portland in a nightclub. They got married in 1992 and had a daughter known as Frances Bean Cobain.

Career, Awards, & Nominations

From his extreme passion for music from his tender age, Kurt Cobain began his own music band after he was offered a used guitar by his uncle on his 14th birthday. He did his performances on cover songs before he began creating his own compositions. From his love of religion, he often used Christian imagery throughout his first career appearances. He additionally, showed some interest in the Buddhist philosophies and Jainism. From this, he took his band name from a Buddhist concept. The name given to the band was Nirvana which means freedom from pain.

Most of his works in his projects were always followed by a sense of humor from which his songwriting skills had been developed by other American Alternative Rock Band Pixies. His band produced several albums in the year 1994.

Net Worth & Earnings

Kurt Cobain had an estimated net worth of $50 Million in 1994 during the time of his death. This net worth was highly contributed by the several projects he carried along his whole career line beginning at a very tender age. Kurt had gained much popularity in his time which saw him have much success upon success.

With such amazing talent from Kurt Cobain, it is evident that he would currently be one of the best music artists. Though he was faced with many challenges, he countered most of them which did not affect his career.