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Jermaine Jackson Net Worth

Jermaine Jackson Net Worth 2020

Jermaine Jackson is a famous American bass guitarist, singer, songwriter, producer and author. Jermaine was the lead singer and bass guitarist of ‘The Jackson Five’ comprising five brothers. He left the band to be a successful solo artist before rejoining his brothers in the band. Also, Jermaine Jackson appeared on soap operas and television reality shows. Continue reading to find the net worth of Jermaine Jackson as of 2019.

Early Life & Biography:

Jermaine Jackson Net Worth 2020

Jermaine Jackson (Jermaine La Jaune Jackson) was born on 11th December 1954 in Gary, Indiana. Jermaine was the 4th child born to Joseph and Katherine Jackson. Joseph was a guitarist, and Katherine was a pianist. They both performed in Jermaine’s uncle’s band, ‘The Falcons.’ Katherine was a housewife while Joseph worked for Inland Steel Company, East Chicago, Indiana. In 1950, the family moved to Gary where Joseph was a crane operator.

Jermaine’s siblings include Jackie, Janet, La Toya, Marlon, Michael, Randy, Rebbie, and Tito. Jermaine was born after Tito. Jermaine is the older brother of Michael Jackson (late American pop-star) and Janet Jackson. Jermaine Jackson graduated from Birmingham High School, Van Nuys, Los Angeles (1973). California.

Personal Life:

Jermaine Jackson has married several times. His wives are Hazel Gordy (1973-1988), Alejandra Genevieve Oaziaza (1995-2008). Since 2004, Jermaine Jackson and Halima married, but Halima filed a divorce in 2016. Jermaine has fathered seven children. Their names are Autumn Jackson, Dawn Jackson, Donte Randall Jackson, Jaafar Jackson, Jaimy Jackson, Jeremy Maldonado Jackson, Jermaine Jackson Jr., Jermajesty Jackson, and Jourdynn Michael Jackson.

Career, Awards & Nominations:

Jermaine, Tito, and Jackie secretly practiced their songs using their father’s guitar. Jermaine was the bass guitarist and lead singer of the band, ‘The Jackson Brothers’. Later, the same band became known as ‘The Jackson Five’ (1962). Jermaine was the lead singer and bass guitarist. Jermaine’s lead songs were ‘I’ll Be There’ and ‘I Want You Back.’ In 1968, Michael Jackson joined the band as the lead singer, so Jermaine became the second lead singer.

In 1975, Jermaine left the band to be a successful solo artist. Jermaine released 14 solo gold certified albums (1972-2012). Jermaine Jackson’s solo self-named album, and singles, ‘Let’s Get Serious’ and ‘Don’t Take It Personal’ ranked no.1 on the US R&B charts. He is known for his song, ‘Do What You Do.’ Jermaine and Pia Zadora’s song ‘When the Rain Begins to Fall’ ranked no.1 in 5 countries. Jermaine Jackson recorded duets with late American singer, Witney Houston. He produced for the band, ‘Switch.’

In 1983, Jermaine rejoined his brothers to record ‘victory’ album and ‘25: Forever’ by Motown Record label. ‘The Jackson Five’ left Motown label to form ‘The Jacksons’ with their youngest brother, Randy. Yet, Jermaine stayed loyal to Motown founded by Berry Gordy whose daughter he was married to.

Jermaine Jackson appeared on soap operas and reality television shows. These include: ‘The Facts of Life’ (1982), ‘As the World Turns’ (1984), ‘The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty’ (2004), ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ (2007), ‘Gone Country’ (2008). In 2014, Jermaine was in ‘Celebrity Wife Swap.’ His wife, Halima swapped with Daniel Baldwin’s wife.

Net Worth & Earnings:

The estimated net worth of Jermaine Jackson is $6 million. Jermaine was the lead singer and bass guitarist of ‘The Jackson Five’ (1962-68). He continued as the second lead of the same band until 1975. Jermaine earned well from performing live concerts on stage. Most of his wealth and income comes from the sale of his gold-certified singles and self-named albums. His solo music reached the no.1 position in the US R&B charts. Jermaine produced for the band called ‘Switch.’

In 1989, after visiting Bahrain, Jermaine Jackson converted to Islam. Also, Jermaine has earned well from appearing on television reality shows and soap operas. Jermaine recorded duets with Whitney Houston.