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Henry Rollins Net Worth

Henry Rollins Net Worth 2020

Henry Lawrence Garfield, popularly known as Henry Rollins by everyone is a multi-talented person. He has achieved great heights in his life and is a writer, actor, host, comedian as well as a musician and thus became so successful that everyone knows about him now. This handsome personality has given various stage performances, hosted radio as well as television shows. Let’s find out how much is the net worth of Henry Rollins in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Henry Rollins Net Worth 2020

Henry came into this world in the year 1961 on 13th February and is a single child of the Garfield. When he was very small, he suffered from his parent’s separation and was brought up by his mother alone. He even faced sexual harassment when he was small and went into depression. Later, through medical help, he recovered himself. He went to Bullis School and later to all-male preparatory school.

Further, he had different thinking towards God as he never believed in God but was not atheist at the same time. He too stopped believing in love and relationships as he had faced a lot in his childhood. He had a childhood friend in Washington, rather his best friend who is professionally a musician and they both are still in touch with each other.

Personal Life

Henry Rollins doesn’t have any girlfriend or wife and has a different mindset of not having children. He is very particular about his personal life and does not share much about it to anyone.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Henry’s career started when he was very small. He always had an interest in music and musical bands. He was a great fan of punk rock and became Teen Idles Band’s singer. Later on, a new band was created named “State of Alert” whose members were Henry and “Extorts” members, and their E.P. was released in the year 1981.

Henry became punk band’s vocalist for “Black Flag” but later on the band separated. Henry released his own songs and formed his own “Rollins Band”. However, this band resulted in a failure by the year 1998. Later, a new Rollins band was formed which the members had of “Mother Superior”. In no time, he had become VH1’s presenter. His career in VH1 started from 1996, and he even appeared in various films like “Green Lantern: Emerald Knights”, “Bad Boys II”. He also wrote books like “Black Coffee Blues”, “See a Grown Man Cry” as well as “Now Watch Him Die”.

As a radio host, he hosted ‘Harmony in my Head’ which gave him many credits. He even wrote online blogs for the reputed Vanity Fair Magazine. He was the host of “Henry Rollins Show” too.

In his lifetime, he has not earned many awards. He won “Grammy Award for Best Spoken Word Album” for “Get In the Van” in the year 1994. However, one’s worth cannot be determined only through his awards as there are many more things.

Net Worth & Earnings

Henry is multi-talented as he is into the music industry as well as in the acting sector. He works in movies and television dramas and many other shows. His fame, talent, and determined mindset have made him earn and make his net worth reach $15 million. Apart from these sources, he has also been seen in a radio programme, “Harmony in my head”.

Henry is a multi-talented person and is completely focused on his goals. He knows that he has no one to distract him from what he wants. He has a lot of qualifications and experience which has added to his worth and these things make him a very honorable and respectable person in front of everyone’s eyes. We wish him all the best for his future.


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