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Gary Lewis Net Worth

Gary Lewis Net Worth 2020

Gary Lewis is one of the most popular musicians of old times. He was the front man of the pop and rock band, Gary Lewis & the Playboys, with whom he gained huge success and recognition. You may explore in details below the life, career and net worth of Gary Lewis in 2020.

Early Life & Biography:

Gary Lewis Net Worth 2020

Gary Lewis full birth name is Gary Harold Lee Levitch. He was born on July 31, 1946, in either Los Angeles city in California, or in Newark city in New Jersey. His father Jerry Lewis was a famous comedian, actor, singer, director, producer and screenwriter but he passed away in 2017, and his mother Patti Palmer was a singer. His grandfather, Danny Lewis, also has a few appearances as an actor.

It’s not confirmed where Gary Lewis was grown and raised. There’s no information about the schools he attended, and it’s unknown whether he earned a certificate or degree from a university or a college. He has a total of 5 brothers and 1 step-sister, Ronald Steven Lewis, Christopher Joseph Lewis, Scott Lewis, Joseph Christopher Lewis, Anthony Joseph Lewis, and Danielle Sarah Lewis. His step-sister, Danielle came from his father’s marriage to SanDee Pitnick.

Personal Life:

Gary Lewis has probably been into various relationships. He was first married to Sara Jane “Jinky” Suzara for around 3 years ending in 1970. Gary has been married to Donna Grow since 2003. He has 1 son that we know of, named Maarten Stevenson, who has a few appearances as an actor including his latest one in the drama film “Dirt Road to Lafayette”.

Career, Awards & Nominations:

Gary Lewis started the idea of his band when he was around 18 years old. Gary Lewis & the Playboys were assisted and financed by Gary’s mother during their early days. Their debut studio album “This Diamond Ring” ranked on the Billboard 200 chart. Another successful album for them is “A Session with Gary Lewis and the Playboys” which also ranked on the same chart.

Gary Lewis doesn’t really have many awards to mention. He was inducted into the Rochester Music Hall of Fame a few years ago. However, his accomplishments in and with Gary Lewis & the Playboys band are great as their albums achieved huge success in the music industry.

The latest news about Gary Lewis is that he’s still going on shows along with the members of Gary Lewis & the Playboys according to their official website.

Net Worth & Earnings:

The American musician Gary Lewis has an estimated net worth of more than $12.5 million. His wealth of millions came from his work in music for decades. Gary Lewis estimated earnings per album or single with Gary Lewis & the Playboys band are not revealed.

Gary Lewis is known and perceived as a music icon. He gained big success with the band he formed since decades, Gary Lewis & the Playboys, and they are still performing together now. Gary Lewis is living with his wife Donna Grow, maybe in New York.


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