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Emilio Estefan Net Worth

Emilio Estefan Net Worth 2020

Emilio Estefan is an award-winning musician and producer, who is perceived as Cuban-American and who has origins from Lebanon. He’s also an entrepreneur and he gained popularity for his work with the band he formed, Miami Sound Machine. You may explore in details below the life, career and net worth of Emilio Estefan in 2020.

Early Life & Biography:

Emilio Estefan Net Worth 2020

Emilio Estefan full birth name is Emilio Estefan Gómez. He was born on March 4, 1953, in Santiago de Cuba in Cuba. His father’s name is Emilio Estefan Sr and he passed away in 2003, and his mother’s name is Carmen Estefan. The occupations of his parents are not known as there’s no information related to them. His niece is the Cuban American model and show host, Lili Estefan.

The location where Emilio Estefan was grown and raised in unknown, but he spent most of his life in Miami. We also do not have any information about the names of the schools, colleges or universities which he might have attended. However, he received honorary doctoral degrees from various universities such as the University of Miami, Berklee College of Music, Barry University and from the Florida International University.

Personal Life:

Emilio Estefan doesn’t have a long list of relationships and dating history like many other musicians. He has been married to the Cuban-American singer, songwriter, businesswoman, and actress, Gloria Estefan since 1978. The couple has 1 son and 1 daughter together, Nayib Estefan was born in 1980 and who has a few appearances as an actor, and the drummer, singer-songwriter and guitarist Emily Estefan was born in 1994.

Career, Awards & Nominations:

Emilio Estefan early work was forming Miami Sound Machine band which his wife, Gloria Estefan, later joined. He has helped many stars in the music industry to progress in their career. As a businessman, Emilio is the owner of various restaurants in Miami and other locations in Florida.

Emilio Estefan has a great long list of award winnings. He is the winner of a total of 19 Grammy Awards, the Billboard Latin Music Lifetime Achievement Award, the Ellis Island Medal of Honor, among many others.

Emilio Estefan latest and the most important news was receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom from the President Barack Obama along with his wife. He and his wife, Gloria have also recently received the Lo Nuestro Excellence Award.

Net Worth & Earnings:

The Cuban-American musician, producer, entrepreneur and businessman Emilio Estefan has an estimated net worth of more than $550 million. His wealth and worth are expected to reach and get over $1 billion within a few years. Emilio Estefan salary and earnings are not revealed but he probably makes millions only from the restaurants he owns.

Emilio Estefan is perceived as an icon in the music industry. He’s also the producer and director of various documentaries. Beside this and that, Emilio also has a business-mind as he owns various business ventures such as restaurants. Emilio Estefan has been happily living with his wife, Gloria Estefan, in the Miami Beach.


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