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Donald Fagen Net Worth

Donald Fagen Net Worth 2020

Donald Jay Fagen a.k.a. Donald Fagen is an America based musician best recognized for the Lead singer, Songwriter, Co-Founder and the Keyboardist of a popular band Called “Steely Dan”. His band was very famous and released hit albums since the band started. Donald has formed this band with his classmates from Bard College. To know more about the Net worth, career and personal life of Donald Fagen in 2020, keep reading.

Early Life and Biography

Donald Fagen Net Worth 2020

Donald Fagen was born on January 10, 1948, in Passaic, New Jersey. His parents were Jewish. His father, Joseph ‘Jerry’ was an accountant and mother Elinor was a housewife and also worked as a swing singer in New York. Donald’s interest in rock and rhythm started in the late 1950s.

He completed his graduation from the South Brunswick High school in the year 1965. Later, he joined the Bard College for English Literature after inspired by Allen Ginsberg. In that college, Donald met Walter Becker (Co-founder of Steely Dan). The bonding between Donald and Fagen was like brothers, that’s why their partnership lasted so long.

Personal Life

Donald got married in the year 1993 with Libby Titus who was a popular songwriter. Libby and Donald were in the same Bard College, but they did not meet until 1987. Their first meeting was at a concert with Dr John. They together wrote a song namely “Florida room” on which Donald has performed with his daughter. Later due to some fights between Donald and Libby, they got divorced. Donald was the main member of the band, but he did not feel comfortable in becoming the lead singer of the band. He used to make fun of hippies who have attended the band concert.

Career, Awards, and Nominations

Donald’s career began during his college days when he met Walter and other members of his band in the year 1970. Later, Donald and Walter met with Denny Dias who was a great guitarist. Denny Dias immediately found out that, this group has some real abilities. Becker and Donald were the songwriters in the group.

Many of the band members left or got fired in the year 1974 after the release of their third LP. Their band’s best selling album was “AJA” which they have released in the year 1995 in America.

Net Worth and Earnings

Being the oldest member of the popular Band “Steely Dan”, the estimated net worth of the Donald Fagen is $35 million. His top albums and collaborations with larger groups helped him making this much capital. Most of his albums were released from 1982 to 2012. His hard work and dedication towards his work has paid off what he deserved.

Donald Fagen is the main and oldest member of their band. He continued even after many disputes happened between the members of the band. In one of his interviews, he said that “I missed the starting days of my band when all members were very close like a brother”.