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Don McLean Net Worth

Don McLean Net Worth 2020

Music grows with the growth in technology. However, ancient music done well is more embraced than the new music done in the modern technology. There are many ancient musicians whose music still remains favorable to this day and Don McLean is one of them. In this article, we are going to learn more about the early life, career and net worth of Don McLean in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Don McLean Net Worth 2020

Don McLean III was born on 2nd October 1945 in New Rochelle, New York and he is the son of Donald McLean Jr. and Elizabeth (Bucci). After graduating from High School, Don joined Villanova University but he never graduated from University as he dropped out of school soon after joining. After dropping out of school, he started performing in at various avenues in Los Angeles as well as long the East Coast. However, he later applied for late school classes at Iona College and graduated in 1969 with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

After graduating, he started serving in some regular stints such as the Hudson River Troubadour at upstate NY Caffe Lena among others. He received very positive reception from people in his career and music profession.

Personal Life

Don McLean got married twice in his lifetime. His first wife was Carol Sauvion who was an American producer in sculptor and PBS Craft. Their marriage however didn’t last long as they divorced in 1972. After his divorce, he married Patrisha McLean (nee Shnier) in 1987 who is an author and a photographer. The couple has two children; Jackie and Wyatt. The couple however, divorced in June 2016 with accusations of domestic abuse incident which he pleaded guilty to.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Although Don began singing in late 1960’s, his star started shinning in 1971, his first major recording was done on 26th May 1971 and the title of the album was “American Pie”. This album was well received and with time, it made him a world famous star. American Pie has today remained the longest song to top in the Billboard Hot 100 and within a short time, the song did not only become an anthem in the entire generation but it also became the most famous rock song in history.

After this album was released, he released many more albums one of which became famous and loved by many was known as Vincent Starry, Starry, Night.

Net Worth & Earnings

Don McLean’s net worth is currently estimated to be at $10 million. Don has been in the industry for many decades and he has dedicated his life to rock music and song writing career which means, the main source of his wealth is from nothing else than his singing career.

Don McLean is a great and successful singer and songwriter. His best known song that made him famous is “American Pie” which was officially released on 26th May 1971. Although he is now old, his love for music has remained as strong as it was from the day one.