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Derek Trucks Net Worth

Derek Trucks Net Worth 2020

Hailed as one of the 100 greatest guitarists of all time, Derek Trucks is an American singer and a legendary guitarist. He is also the founder of the world-famous music band ‘The Derek Trucks Band’. His musical style generally encompasses the rock music. Let’s learn about him in details. What is the net worth of Derek Trucks in 2020 and what he is doing now?

Early life & biography

Derek Trucks Net Worth 2020

Derek Trucks was born on June 8, 1979, in Jacksonville, Florida. There is not any information about his parents and education. Derek started playing the guitar very early. Maybe, this is why he couldn’t gain a proper education. He bought his first guitar when he was only nine years old. Soon, he became a child prodigy. He first played his paid performance in front of the wide audience when he was 11 years old. Derek is the nephew of legendary drummer Butch Trucks. He also has a younger brother named Daune Trucks who is a drummer.

Personal Life

Speaking of his love-life, Derek is an ideal family man. He married his love Susan Tedeschi in 2001 after dating for years. Susan is also a musician. The couple is blessed with two kids. They welcomed their son in 2002 and daughter in 2004. Derek seems to enjoy his family life. He is far away from any kind of rumors and link-ups.

Career, awards & nominations

As said above, Derek’s musical career was started very early. Even at the age of 11, he got the opportunity to work with some great musicians such as Buddy Guy. Initially, he gave paid performances under other artists but soon he decided to build his own future. When he mastered the musical skills, he founded his own music band ‘The Derek Trucks’ band in 1994. He performed as the lead guitarist in this band. He also collaborated with big artists such as Bob Dylan, Joe Walsh, and Stephen Stills.

On the other hand, he also joined ‘The Allman Brothers’ band as a guest musician. After performing several years as a guest member, he finally became the formal member of the band in 1999. He gained a huge success with this band by appearing in the super hit albums of the band. His own music band is also very much-loved among the audience. In 2010, he founded a new band named Tedeschi Trucks Band with his wife. However, this band couldn’t gain the success like his other bands.

Speaking of the awards, Derek Trucks hasn’t won any major awards under his belt. However, his band ‘The Derek Trucks’ is a Grammy Award-winning band.

Net Worth & Earnings

The man, who has started his career at the age of 9, must be having a whopping net worth. Right? Well, as of today, the legendary guitarist holds a whopping net worth of nearly $230 million. Over his career, he has collaborated with many big bands and musicians. This is why, today, he is one of the top-paid guitarists in the world. He has made his net worth solely through his music career.

Derek Trucks made the spot in the list of ‘100 greatest guitarists of all time’ twice. With the fact, you can imagine how talented he is. He has also graced ‘2007 Crossroads Guitar Festival’.